Top Ten Signs it is Way Too Hot Outside

Well I couldn't think of a zany list idea, so here's the opposite of my last list. Sometimes it gets really hot up here, believe it or not.

The Top Ten

1 You're afraid to enter a car

Even if there's a windshield shade I really hate having to enter a car due to how hot it can be! Of course it's possible to just open the door for a bit. - Flair-de-lis

2 You see things melting that shouldn't be melting

Sounds nightmarish! Sometimes things outside could melt, like rubber and what not. It could be nasty! - Flair-de-lis

3 You are much more comfortable staying in any form of shade than anywhere in direct sunlight

Reminds me of when I was at Monaco during the summer and it was really hot, so much that me and my family stayed in the shades of the buildings there! - Flair-de-lis

4 You get tan or sunburn really easily

Like right when you actually decide to go out in the sun then all of a sudden your skin gets either darker or redder. That's not good. - Flair-de-lis

Sunburn and tan are from UV rays, not heat, so regardless of temperature, you can tan and sunburn easily in any temperature since temperature and UVs aren't related.

This happens to me quite often :(

5 You start sweating the moment you step outside

I already sweat like crazy INDOORS

6 When animals also hide in the shade

Not just humans, but any kind of animal. - Flair-de-lis

7 You see everyone trying to buy something cold

Like with ice cream or cold drinks, when it's so hot inside I just know there's lines to buy some cold refreshments. - Flair-de-lis

8 You start getting headaches when walking outside

I remember getting some during one of our hottest summers. - Flair-de-lis

9 It hasn't rained for days

Kind of an obvious sign, but if it hasn't rained for days during a hot summer, it might just get hotter. Then you want it to rain! - Flair-de-lis

10 The plants around you begin to wilt under the heat

The Contenders

11 People wear less

People are wearing a LOT more than they did last summer this winter.
- TheDuttyGyal

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