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21 Demi Lovato Demi Lovato

She is the most talented person I've ever met

I like demi her voice is amazing and she is so inspiring

Demi is simply awesome... !

Laugh out loud a bunch of Disney fans here, ok.

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22 Shreya Ghoshal Shreya Ghoshal Shreya Ghoshal is an Indian playback singer. She has received four National Film Awards, six Filmfare Awards and eight Filmfare Awards South to date.

Awesome voice! One of the best voices I have ever heard!

Her voice just dissolves into song... Gives it a taste...

One of the best voice of industry

Best of all time...evergreen voice...

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23 Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, known professionally as Enrique Iglesias, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, record producer and actor.

I don't think that this list if true... It's commonsense that Enrique Iglesias is the best singer in the whole world... His voice is like that of God of Music

His songs have a feeling in it

Only singers with both good talent and a good face

My hero is best in the world 😘😍❤,te amo Enrique ❤

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24 Shakira Shakira Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian-Spanish singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.

Put her 1st. She has more talent than pretty much every other person on this list. Who else in this list speaks 6 languages? Plus she has an amazing voice, is an amazing dancer and is absolutely gorgeous. Put her first!

What is this no one else who are above her except Eminem deserve to stay above her in this list

25 Justin Timberlake Justin Timberlake

Are you kidding me! He must be at the top of the list... He is prince of pop...

Why is he all the way down here!

No no no... why the hell he at 81.
He is awarded as best artist of 2014 @ billboard awards.. and his new album 20/20 experince is very nice. please vote for him guys

26 50 Cent 50 Cent Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, investor, record, film, and television producer.
27 Patrick Stump Patrick Stump Patrick Martin Stumph, known professionally as Patrick Vaughn Stump, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor and music critic, best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist and composer of Fall Out Boy, an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois.
28 Charice Pempengco Charice Pempengco Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, popularly known by the mononym Charice, is a Filipina singer who rose to popularity through YouTube.
29 Hariharan Hariharan Hariharan is an Indian playback singer who has sung for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani films, an established and foremost ghazal singer and composer, and one of the pioneers of Indian fusion music . In 2004, he was honoured with the Padma more.
30 Sonu Nigam Sonu Nigam

His all songs are huge hit in Hindi, he sungs great songs n Hindi. he is also number 1 singer in south India, especially in kannada. he is the soul of music. he is the great singer of Asia. all songs are awesome. he fills his life, feeling, thoughts in all songs, he is the idol of India and Asia, he made world record by sung tees maar kha in 54 voices. proud to be an Indian, all the best for your future sonu, your voice is like honey, sweet etc, we love you forever sonu, are the inspiration to all singers, other singer songs are in mouth only, but your songs are in my blood and heart, keep the excellent singing forever sonu, you are the inspiration and idol TO all the youths, SONU IS AWESOME, AMAZING SONU IS MY LIFE, SONU IS THE LIVING LEGEND OF SINGING!

He have such a magical voice... He show all versatility of music... He is true legend... He compose this is it tribute to great mj... He collaborate with britney spears... He compose song for icc world cup... And his new English album is coming in universal... He sing more than 3000 songs by more than 15 languages... No doubt sonu is best best best

He is the number 1 singer of 21st century. He is having far better voice than the singers who are ranked above him. Just listen him once. He is the most versatile singer in entire world. - laxmanramesh

He is a all rounder... I as a music lover we have so much of respect to Sonu Sir...

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31 Ezra Koenig
32 Britney Spears Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears is an American singer and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. She performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows like "The Mickey Mouse Club" as a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997 and going on to become a pop superstar more.

I hope you winner

33 Chris Brown Chris Brown Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Born in Tappahannock, Virginia, he was involved in his church choir and several local talent shows from a young age. He is most well known for his physical assault towards the singer Rihanna in more.

He's the at want he does I wonder why you rank someon who has such vocal talent so low isn't because of personal problems please let it be talent not personal.

34 Tyler Glenn
35 Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera Christina María Aguilera is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer, best known for songs such as "Beautiful", "Genie In A Bottle", "Fighter", "Hurt", "Dirrty", "Your Body", "Lady Marmalade", "Reflection", "I Turn To You", "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" "What A Girl Wants" and more.

She can be somewhat shallow in personality, but has an incredibly powerful and memorable voice.

36 Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne

Shes unreal I love you avril

She is my absolute idol! She has phenomenal vocals and doesn't try to be someone she's not. I love her image as a rockstar and she seems really chill in interviews. She started her career off at 16 so avril can relate to teenage aspiring singers. LOVE you AVRIL XX

Avril is the best. She creates real music. She writes real lyrics and not stupid lyrics to only earn money.

Avril is my GODDESS

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37 Sadhana Sargam
38 Madhushree
39 Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, song writer, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada (despite once claiming he was Part-Indian) and he is Christian. He is the son of an author, Pattie Mallet. more.

Why the hell is Justin Beiber in the list. He doesn't write his songs, he sounds like a dying whale, and he's a spoiled brat.

Hell no. His fans are jerks to Drake Bell.

You beliebers will learn. In time. - gamedemon24

He is a the best teenage singer in this century.I am crazy with him

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40 Atif Aslam Atif Aslam Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.

His songs are magic, and he got a bright and cute sound which impress any men in the planet. And he's damn handsome like a film star... Have you any doubt? Just check his tera hone lagahoon.

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