Paul McCartney

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Sir James Paul McCartney is an English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer . With John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, he gained worldwide fame with the rock band the Beatles, one of the most popular and influential groups in the history of pop and rock music .


Oh come on you want me to give you a reason for asking SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY to play at the LONDON Olympics? Please, it's basic culture. The man is a legend. Everything he stands for revolves around world peace... And we could use some more promotion against war at times likes these.
And I haven't even gotten started on his musical ability. Needless to say the man is a genius, who has written hundreds brilliant songs and classics, he can play practically any musical instrument and received so many awards. Did I mention he was a Beatle? No? Of course not. Everybody knows that. Well the fact that he was in one of the greatest writing partnerships in musical history -- Lennon/McCartney -- speaks for itself.

The question is not whether he should be playing at the Olympics or not
Where would we be without the fab four today?

If this rant hasn't convinced you... Just ask Obama. He's a big McCartney fan himself


His career has lasted for over 50 years. As good as they may be, how can you invite a band or artist that has been around for a year, and not invite the greatest musician on the planet?

His music has touched billions of people worldwide. Remember this is an international event. The whole world will be watching, not just Britain. PM is one of the only people that can pull off such an event.

Paul McCartey is the definition of legend.

Paul McCartney is the artist who best represents the UK, because with The Beatles have revolutionized the history of the music and they have success all over the world. After The Beatles he wrote many other famous songs. Then, I think everyone has heard at least once and their songs have captured the beauty of words and melody. DON'T vote Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and other, but Paul McCartney!

The one who "must" perform is "Sir" Paul McCartney. I think that nobody is more appropriate for this honor than he.
Beside it, even if it is really true that current votes for Miku Hatsune was properly done, I would not like that Japanese artists (or Virtual artists) are involved in such a worthless race as it is.
With no doubt, well known English artist (s) must perform in the honor at the London Games.

Of course, nobody would not like that Lady Gaga performs at the opening of the 2nd Seoul Olympic if it existed. At least, I guess so.

From Japanese man lives in France.

PS. I could not believe that Sting is also not in Top 100.
What a stupid race it is!

Paul is just the best! One of the better voices of all the time, a great guitar, bass, piano, and mandolin player!
I think he'll represent UK better than anymore else!
I saw him in Bologna, at the beginning of the ON THE RUN tour, and I can say he still rules!
He must win!

PAUL MUST PLAY THE OLYMPICS... Seriously, what would today's music be without the Beatles? There is no bigger name you could have play there. He is true british culture. Please. The ceremony would be AMAZING if he got the gig. I know, I've seen him live 4 times.

The best musician, a great person. Would be really fabulous his presence because Macca is a big man, a big musician, one of the very most important and bigger composers of music history. Quality and history music man.

Paul is an ICON in music, he was part of the best band in history, his work is just quality, he has been composing since forever and, just as a plus, he's actually English so it means something, considering the games are held in London. Trends don't mean anything, he's a legend, and we should respect talented artists while they're still alive.

Paul McCartney is the BEST, he connects the world with his music! So he's the perfect man! He is a LEGEND! His concerts are so amazing and awesome and everybody loves him! (i love him, too and I'm fifteen! )

Come on people is Paul McCartney he is British he was a Beatle so seriously do You prefer a bad singer with so venality like Justin Bieber or want a music master like Sir Paul McCartney!

Paul McCartney - the best! I do not know any person who would not know McCartney! He is the person who has captivated of some generations at once! It is really worthy general respect and love! We are love him!

It's the best musician of all time. I love to see in the Olympics because it is a great icon of the music. It comes from the best band that could be The Beatles. And I think that play in the Olympics would be a joy for young people who love music and old people who lived during the best time of The Beatles, would like to relive the greatness of those times.

What better artist than a Beatle! One of the best composers of all time! It would be amazing for a legend like him to perform at such an important event.

First of all, He's English laugh out loud Well, He's a Legend, he's a great musician and artist! He was in the best group of modern music! He has inspired a lot of musicians! He wrote one of the most covered and, of course beautiful song of all the time:Yesterday! He's just Sir Paul McCartney, folks! Come on, He's the man who can do this!

Oh Paul McCartney... Paul is legendary. Such a lovely fellow.. He is just brilliant. He is truly a genius musician, singer, and songwriter and deserves to play at the Olympics.

Since the Olympics are taking place in London, I think it would only be right to have an iconic Englishman perform. Paul is also an international house-hold name and represents one of the most popular bands known. In addition, his music is in no way offensive and would appeal to the entirety of the audience

Try to think about it: the Olympic Games are the greatest sporting event in the world; is it possible to open 'em with anyone else to sing and play? The greatest sporting event needs the greatest musician and songwriter we have, doesn't it? I'm sure sir Paul'll be able to thrill us with his rhythm, to move us with his touching songs and to amaze us with his great voice, piano and bass guitar. Hope to see him there!

He's one of the biggest Rock Legends. I think his name is the name of the 60's, as John, George and Ringo... God Save The Beatles

Four words: HE IS THE MUSIC! Only that to say he's, with the other Beatles, the best rockstar of the world!

I'd love watching sir PAUL McCartney on the Olympics besides it would make sense because he's from England so it would make sense. I'm a huge of the most successful Beatles. He also inspired so many people including many of the people we hear today so did sir PAUL himself.

Paul McCartney isn't a man. He is a LEGEND. He is perfect to connect three generations, he will connect the whole world. I love him and I'm just nineteen.

Ok now whoever wrote this list is the biggest retard in world history. There were already rumours about Paul McCartney playing at the Olympics and by the way how the f@$& is he number 88. The world is coming to s stage where no one know what real music is. You should all be ashamed. Who puts one direction and Justin Bieber in front of the most successful musician of all time?!
Ah! Losing my mind. - Clive888

What? Justin Bieber? Tokio Hotel? No, I don't think so. Vote Paul, he IS uk. He's the greatest performer up to now, and his music is so touching that he MUST be listened all over the world during the Olympic Games!

Paul McCartney is THE music. Who is Justin Bieber? Who are the Tokio Hotel? The Beatles are the pillars of the modern music, don't forget it. He isn't only a simple musician, he is a piece of history.

Paul is a really outstanding musician. And he changed quite a lot of things in the world. Come on, just vote for him!