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1 Ghazt

My absolute favourite monster. It sounds cool, and in my opinion makes any song better. They look awesome, sound awesome, and are awesome. Super cute too. The only reason I play my singing monsters is to hear this masterpiece of a monster and draw cute versions.

This is great, no reason it shouldn't be on the list, it just sounds legendary, you get LOTS of shards/coins, and it looks so cool! But if I had to choose a favorite one, it would be the legendary ghazt, why you ask? Because metaphorically and physically it is GOLDEN, sorry for the long comment, bye!

Ghazt is my favorite My Singing Monster espically the rare Ghazt. He looks amazing and has gold color in his rare form.

I think the Ghazt is absolutly perfect it's rare and non-rare version looksound awesome!

2 Bowgart

This is my second favourite monster it makes a legendary sound especially on plant island

than more bit little a or home at tonight plans any have you wanted just

Yes yes yes. It's so good. Favourite monster on plant island (sorry ghazt...)

I have Bogart and he is awesome and It took me about 5 weeks but but it was worth it if you don't have Bogart I hope you get him cause I want everyone that plays to have him and good luck getting him

3 Maw

I like the maw, his plant island song is really good too, did you know that it shares almost the same notes (Though repeated and in much different sounds) with that one ethereal? Er... I forgot the name, it's got one eye and sings "Deep dop doop dop deep dop dap day" it took a long time for me to figure that out, but go see (Or hear) for yourself if you think I'm lying!

It's sounds awesome if you put it with the Bogart TOGETHER THEY CONQUER THE WORLD

It's song is awesome!

I love the maw

4 Hoola

This thing is literal garbage, whenever I'm looking at other people's islands and I see either this abomination or Pom Pom I dislike it and move on, they sound horrible and they completely ruin the songs. Worst characters. I assume posting this comment means I've up voted it but it's a small price to pay.

I have the Hoola on my Air Island and discovering it's sound was totally awesome and epic. It's hey na na hey na na hey na na hey no, is awesome and I can tell why it is #15

Super cute creatures! I like all three of them. They will always be my cheerleaders!

I have a PomPom on Air Island and it sounds plain without a Hoola. Whenever my PomPom sings, I expect Hoola to sing and then I remember I don't have one... ;-;

5 Entbrat

Bad singing but somehow makes the music sound good

Entbrat rocks! His singing voice sounds funny.

I love it because it screams. Hilarious with time machine.

Bad best singing monster

6 Pompom

PomPom is my favorite monster. She even has passion.

I love PomPom! She is so cute and so are her songs! She looks especially cute with Hoola and Sooza

I love Pompom. I love her cute pink color

She is a... A... I don’t know. Cutie! My favorite of all monsters besides Tawkerr and adds big purpose to songs! I don’t know what to do if she wasn’t added!

7 Riff

My First 4 Elemental and the Guitar Hero Solo on Fast Time Machine on Air Island.

I Love Riff! I Have So Many Drawings Of Him!

If he comes to dawn of fire and goes to cave island, I will be as happy as pinkie pie, spongebob, mabel, star butterfly, and wander combined

I love riff I have the rare wich is awesome! I would like to also get the normal one to.

8 Quarrister

I love him/them! They have perfect harmony!

They're awesome on Earth Island and Gold Island. They also sound cool on Tribal Island.

Quarrister is the best!

This is my Favorite Monster!

9 Wubbox

All the island songs were beautiful and calm until this thing came in and kicked it up to extreme. Too bad he's so expensive

All of his parts in all of his islands are really cool (except on cold island)

Why is wubbox all the way down here? If should be at the top, after all, it is the hardest-to-get monster in the game.

The Wubbox SCREAMS everyone's ear's off, that's why it needs so many monsters to activate it.

10 Furcorn

Furcorn is my favorite monster. I love his voice. It really adds a good tume to it's islands

He's my favorite because he sounds good, looks REALLY cute, and his singing is a great addition to your island. plus, he's super easy to get.

Furcorn is JUST. SO. CUTE! His singing voice is what makes him so adorable!

I love the furcorn! It has a VERY clear voice. If I replaced the furcorn there would be a lot of scratches in my voice.

The Contenders

11 Shugabush

Shugabush is a double threat. He can sing and play an instrument

I think the shugabush has amazing tune

I think the shugabush

Cool, awesome, good monster, but Ghazt is better.

12 Rare Wubbox

I love rare wubbox because I have him

This monster greatly adds rapping to more classical music.

He's my favorite monster on Earth Island

He sings secret songs which is cool

13 Spunge

All I can think of is Gravity Falls when I see or hear this, but Ghazt is better, but its close to my top 10 faves.

Spunge reminds me of spongy from battle for dream island, that's why I love him!

I love this big guy. His whistling sounds so clear.

I love his whistle it adds effect to cold island

14 Dandidoo

She is amazing and she is super cute with her beak closed.

The Dandidoo! My favorite!

Cute monster!


15 Mammott

BUM! BUM! BUM! BUM! Mammott is awesome!

He is my first favorite monster, since he's super cute and sounds amazing!

A great voice bass.

My faveourate monster

16 Oaktopus

Oaktopus is the best monster in the game-Friend code:81756664CM
In game name:Mister Jessie

Really liked and adorable. Sounds super cool. Shui shui shu.

Addictive song, cute monster

I love this monster! I always sing like him!

17 Yool

I think he cool he is kind of rare I also like how he is a Santa. I do not have him yet but I think his song will be good.

I like how he is the Santa of My singing Monsters.

You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm tellin' you why, yool is coming to town!

The way he sings ''ho ho ho ho'' really sends shivers down my spine he is the best monster out of them all

18 Reedling

So cute and Goes well with the Ghazt, I just want to hug it. Sounds cool too. Ghazt is still better tho, but this is in my top 5.

While not in my top 3, it's still in top 10, possibly top 5. I mean it's so cute and it's nice to listen to. I like what people do with reedling on composer island.

How Can You Not Like Him, I Heard him in the fire haven trailer he is the best with any type of horns besides Floogul

Aaaaagh I forgot about this one! It's cute and it has a beautiful song!

19 Rare Furcorn

Pink, sings silly, funny looking, Ghazt is better, but I still like it.

I really don't give a crap about the gender anymore. I am the same person who said those Rare monsters weren't ugly or scary. I actually like them.

Both of them are guys or both are girls. Otherwise it would be strange because they both have the same voice.

He is the cutest of all the rare monsters, look at is sad face! Type on rare furcorn! The ugly rare dandidoo and spunge are scary! The rare thumpies are scary too but with a butterfly.

20 Thumpies

Here's one thing: On PAW Patrol, when Jake meets Everest, they slide down a mountain on their bellies, and Jake calls Everest a "fur-face." FurFace is a Thumpie's name! It's almost like Nickelodeon is stealing from Big Blue Bubble, especially since they used the name "Humbug" on a stupid bug that hums. They probably aren't, but it seems like they are.

They are actually pretty cute.

Have you seen the baby versions in Dawn of Fire?! They're so cute!

He is unique, because he is the only monster that can be known as two separate monsters.

21 Galvana

He is so cool he is actually the creator of the wubbox

creator of wubbox

The best

22 Kayna

Her voice is awesome and was one of the first dawn of fire monster to be introduced into My singing Monsters.

I have a bigafied one on Haven she is very Awesome and I also am tryin to draw one

Remember when the game said it was seen a long time ago? Well, I am Kayna from a long time ago. There I said it, I confess.

MY FAVOURITE MONSTER EVER she is like a monster from a legend and she is a fire element which is amazing. Her voice is beautiful and on tribal island the song sounds incomplete without a Kayna. I'm gonna write a story about her soon 🔥

23 Noggin

I think the noggin is cool

I love Noggin I think he is cute and I like his tune.

He's not my favorite, but I like him.

The first monster

24 Sox

What is this dude doing down here at the bottom of the list? He's a saxophone fox!

I love sox cause I love foxes

What does the Sox say?!


25 Fung Pray

I'm quite new to this monster but it adds something to ethereal island that's hard to explain. Kind of like I'm sailing through a dream.

Sounds like the same instrument as bowgart so maybe they can duet at some point

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