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21 Rare Wubbox
22 Jeeode

One original name is Teresa, so it's a girl...

I love the Jeeode! She is so pretty and her music is outstanding!

The gender really doesn't matter.

I think it's a "he".

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23 Shellbeat

Very underrated monster. I love its drumming, and if you hear it than you should agree it should be in the top 10

My favorite quad element monster

24 Pummel

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! He's awesome except the rare water mammal.

This monster has a very elegant beat and it s rare form unlike any other monster is quite unique! Facorite of the all for me!

25 Pango

He needs more love, because he's so cute!

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26 Thumpies

Here's one thing: On PAW Patrol, when Jake meets Everest, they slide down a mountain on their bellies, and Jake calls Everest a "fur-face." FurFace is a Thumpie's name! It's almost like Nickelodeon is stealing from Big Blue Bubble, especially since they used the name "Humbug" on a stupid bug that hums. They probably aren't, but it seems like they are.

Have you seen the baby versions in Dawn of Fire?! They're so cute!

He is unique, because he is the only monster that can be known as two separate monsters.

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27 Sox

What is this dude doing down here at the bottom of the list? He's a saxophone fox!



28 Clamble

Clamble along with Rare Clamble RULES!

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29 Quibble

On air island it sounds awesome

I love the Quibble. He is #2 behind the Bowgart, because he plays an actual instrument

30 Schmoochle

One of the most gentle monsters, gentle voice, gentle because of the heart on schmoodle

I don't really like the schmoochle, I'll admit it does sound cute, but it doesn't really fit on that one part on gold island with quarrister's ominous ohhs and ahhs, riff's blaring electric guitar noises, bowgart's suspenseful tune, or rare wubbox's awesome robotic singing.

31 Blabbit

You added all of these monsters to worst singing monsters list

My favorite monster and cutest monster

Blabbet is so cute

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33 Whisp

I like her Halloween costume.

Sounds like she says "oreo yay, oreo, oreo, oh"

I like the ethereal island.
Also it is a cool monster

She sounds so cool and eerie, and her Halloween costume is kawaii.

34 Nebulob
35 Boodoo
36 Fung Pray
37 Punkleton

I love pukleton! It has a great tempo and fits in every song and their so cute man! I wish I had time to breed one every Halloween I get bowgart and t rocks. My friend code is:16970692LC

38 Drumpler

Drumpler belly is big but he's cute how to breed him well it is a Noggin and a Mammott.

39 Shrubb

At the recording studio (unlocked at level 15) the shrubb is actually nice

Makes your songs longer at the start!

The Shrubb Is The Worst Monster. He Just Spits On You And Your Hard Work

40 T-Rox

T-rocks is great! He reminds me of one of the WWE superstars for no reason. Although he's fascinating with its beating and clanking sounds.

He is adorable I am going to name mine digger

He plays rock- that's why he is called T-rocks

The T-rocks Rocks

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