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Rodney Mullen

This guys tricks are absolutely insane. He is by far better than Tony Hawk and all other skateboarders!

I voted mullen the best because he is, but to not even have Cardiel in the top ten? You guys all must have been born in 1994.

He made almost every free style skate trick today and his boards are the best

Rodney Mullen is number 1. He invented the flat ground Ollie, kick flip, heel flip, tre flip, 540 shove it, 540 double kick flip, Ollie impossible and much more. People are insane, and no nothing about skating when they say Tony hawk is better. First of all a 12 year old kid did a 1080 which even Tony hawk can't do. Rodney Mullen invented freestyle skating, and skated before Tony hawk so shut up when you say Rodney Mullen wouldn't have skated if it wasn't for Tony hawk. Tony hawk also didn't invent the 360 flip Rodney Mullen did. So when you are doing 360 flips, kick flips, dark slides, and ollies, thank Rodney Mullen.

Tony Hawk Anthony Frank "Tony" Hawk, is an American professional skateboarder, actor and owner of skateboard company Birdhouse. Hawk is well known for completing the first documented 900 and for his licensed video game titles, published by Activision.

he is the only one ho can do a 900.
i like him better than Rodney Mullen.
he is NR.1 now, later an always!

I used to like him but he is not that good anymore. He is good at vert skating but not at street. And he is not the only one who can do a 900 he was the first one to do it.

Tony Hawk rocks! No one messes with the Hawk! He is my FAVORITE skater ever, because HE was the first sk8er to do a 360 DEGREE flip. He is awesome, and I like him. Dark sk8ter

He is so awesome he makes rodney look like a idiot

Tony Hawk has been the best known skateboarder for the last 10 years, but Hawk retired from competing in 1999. So why is he the top skater of this decade?
In 1999, the first Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game came out. Over the last 10 years, the Tony Hawk video game franchise (12 games! ) has moved mountains in promoting skateboarding, and has dominated the skateboarding video game scene.

Also in 1999, Tony Hawk became the first skater to pull off a 900, the holy grail of vert skateboarding. Over the last 10 years, many have tried to beat it, but no one has yet. I have no doubt that someone will land a 1080 eventually, but in the world of vert skating, Tony Hawk has remained unchallenged, even though he hasn't competed. That's pretty amazing.

Paul Rodriguez/P-Rod

P Rod is the best at manual, nollie, boardslide- need I say more?! Plan be the best!

P-rod should be the best if anyone says p-rod sucks I will hate them forever. I don't no why he is 6 he should be number 1! I hate everyone who says he sucks I mean why do people not like him like they did a couple years ago.

P-rod is the best and the should be the number 1. He will top ryan sheckler but people only like him cause he is young. P-rod is so good that nobody can describe how he skates. He's the one how made me want to skate.

His switch trick are so dominant that he is just one of the best I've seen how good he is and so have you. He got sponsored after he was 15 years old I think he deserves more than just 6th he deserves 1st cause truly he is the best at everything

Ryan Sheckler

The way he is pulling the backflip trick is so great! He is making it look so smooth

He does many amazing tricks and his video is epic


Yeah, and when was the last time that ryan sheckler pulled a perfect dark slide?

Have you seen Ryan he can land like every trick out there so anyone out there who thinks that he sucks should just keep there comments to themselves Ryan can ollie a 12 stair set which a lot of other pro skater's out there can't he triple kick a 8 stair which P-rod can't and 90 percent of all the other pro's out there...

Chris Cole

He is in a level just for himself, both for consistency and variety, respects to Mullen and Hawk and everyone else but this guy has the tricks, the style and the attitude.

Chris Cole is my favorite skater ever he makes his trick look so easy and he lands at least 70 percent of them. Cole is the best

Chris Cole is a two time Thrasher Skater of the Year, he is one out of two skaters that have won TSOTY

Chris cole is skateboarding in itself, I believe he should be placed in #2 after rodney, for chris cole is the rodney mullen of our generation. He is progression what the sport is all about. Not only is he consistent, but capable of pulling off tricks that have never been done before on some of the biggest and most challenging obstacles. Or even the simplest. His style Is the best I've ever seen for a man of his size.

Nyjah Huston

Sick, the kid is sick. He would be in the top 5 very soon. He has a great future ahead and he could reach even higher than he already has.

This kid is only like 14 or 13 and he is already has a lot of sponsorships

Nyjah Huston makes me go skateboarding after I watch his videos. Anything to say? I mean he's so young and I think he'll be the best skateboarder in the whole universe.

is just so good it is crazy but I can see why people dislike him

Danny Way

Danny way only the the best skaters ever he is the best
the best I tell you the best.
he jumped the great wall and dose amazing grinds

Come on people! He jumped the great wall, lipped the hard rock hotel guitar, landed the first 900 (tony hawk was only the first in competition), and holds the world record for highest air.

He is simply the best. Danny way rulez!

Hands down everyone! No questions about it. He revolutionized vert skating. Was one of the most aggressive street skaters ever. Has some of the most impressive footage collection in history. Watch complete videos and Danny always lead the way with speed, air, technically, style and by far the most aggressive/daring. He paved the way for a lot people. Is one of the most influential figures of our sport. This guy is on a whole other league. For all the youngsters that don't know. This guy has been killing it and himself for a long time. No one has come close to his stature or achievements. Best in Vert and best all around! Hands down! He makes everyone else on this look like ams. Ask the pros, this guy gets a ton of respect. He is scary good.

Eric Koston

Rodney Mullen is the god of skateboarding and Bam Margera is good but maybe doesn't deserve a spot in the top ten and tony hawk could do any trick that you ask. Rodney Mullen invented more than the ollie look up some of his videos then tell me he isn't a good skater

Dude's got some insane skill watch the final flare wow just so clean on all his tricks you posa's stay off this tony hawk can't harflip anymore mike valley is better than him sure rodney mullenmade the ollie that doesn't make him a good skater

He is a legend because he totally influenced a lot of things in skateboarding. He also created many skateboard companies. He is very successful in his career or dropping out of school at grade 10.

I really don't know if you've ever seen margera land 1/10th of koston tricks, you really are just pushing buttons here, and have no clue: better do some homeworks and come back here

Bam Margera Brandon Cole "Bam" Margera is an American professional skateboarder, stunt performer, filmmaker, musician and television personality.

He awesome
So very awesome, he is my idol so I vote him, and his tricks was dangerous, skateboarding around his house, in the roof of their house, like a stunt man, bam margera should be at ryan sheckler's place.. He's my number 3

ya he is awesome I like his style he makes every trick look easy

Bam is arrogant towards skaters I have seen him in person and so have many of my fellow skaters he deserves recognition but never applause ryan sheckler puts him to shame and so does chris cole. If you feel bam is a good skater cool I think he is a bit of a joke rate for him should be 10 just for how he treats people.

I cannot believe you put bam before Nyjah. Bams a cool guy and has done lots for the sport but come on. He barely belongs in a too ten of anything. Mullen is dope because he invented most flat ground tricks but that doesn't make him the best. There are so many incredible skateboarders out there with skill levels that surpass any skating legend. And yeah tony pulled the 900 first but Danny way jumped the Great Wall of China.

Rob Dyrdek Robert Stanley Dyrdek is an American professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer, and reality TV star. He is best known for his roles in the reality shows Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness.

Rob = Such an inspiration to so many people this kid is HILARIOUS I love Fantasy Factory so much show and him just make my day!

I would like to meet you. I watch rob dyrdek fantasy factory you're the best skater in the world yo

Rob dyrdek is high spireted and so full of energy that he takes the frustration out of skating and shows it can get you somewhere in life other than just a hobby

Rob Dyrdek is an AMAZING inspiration to skaters all around, & to me, a 13 year old girl who skateboards. Most people stereotype skateboarders, they are dirty, no life, do drugs, well, are pretty much nasty. But if you look at Rob Dyrdek... An entrepreneur, who got here on a piece of board & wheels, REPRESENTS a REAL skateboarder. I believe, he is the BEST.

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Bob Burnquist

How the hell is Bob Burnquist all the way down here... the guy is straight up amazing.

Only one to beat Danny Way at the Mega Ramp

Bob Burnquist is below Bam Margera? Come on guys, that's just insulting.

No one can get bigger air than him he should at least be rated number 3

Torey Pudwill

amazing! he skates like mad! He is one of the best Skateboarders of this world. He was born on a skateboard man!

This guy is awesome! Best skater I know except rodney mullen. Won the tampa pro!

Torey is sick as not the best but should be like 14 or 15 definitely better then Bam and Tony Alva. His big bang video is tight. Whenever you see him in team vids its him and p rod who are the gnarliest

Torey Pudwill created of grizzly grip tape how is the dude DOWN HERE this is Just boggiest guy is a boss, he does a lot of like switch grinds (example he's doing a board slide goes to crooked grind or something like that. )

Mike Vallely

Mike V. Is a hardcore skater I wouldn't recommend messing with him

Mike V is an amazing pro skater 9th is not the right place for him mike's around the world trick is stunning and sick have you ever seen him skate

Mike v is the best skater out there and is the one who inspired me to skate may I mention that I am about to get sponsored by world industries

Why the heck is the best skateboarder 16th come on he should be above danny way and all those worse skateboarders not that danny way is a bad skateboarder infact he's quite good he's just not as good as mike vallely. Mike v is definitely better than rob dyrdek.

Daewon Song

Should be 1st or second, because, for me, is in the same level of Rodney Mullen (Just watch almost round three)

Definitely better then p-rod!

Daewon song is a better street skater p-rod bam and sheckler
He should be 3

Go watch his Deca 2nd to none part. Kills MJ's fully flared. MJ stole hella tricks from him. Bunch of kooks voting. Rodney Mullen def. not the best. Sheckler wtf. Bam? Mike V.?!?! Why is he even on here?

Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam is not just a skateboarder, he is a trick creator! He should be at TOP 5, not at 10th Place. I just don't know why much skaters rate his tricks has stupid tricks, he rocks!

Should be around where c cole is, he has the most unique tricks (like the dolphin flip)
And skates everything.

Has a good attitude when being around fans. He takes the time to get out into the community, and share a good experience.

Chris Haslam is the re-incarnation of Mullen, he'll that's probably why he chose Haslam to be on the Almost Team. His style is just so fluid the way he incorporates all aspects of whatever terrain he is riding. You will never see any herky-jerky movements of him sticking a landing. Haslam is always consistent and inventive and that's why is style is so unique. He is just like a giant bearded snowflake 100% original.

Mark Gonzales

How is he not in the top ten? He is inspirational! A true legend. It just doesn't make sense! Krooked for the win!

Dude sucks horse anuses. He can make you cry when he Allie wit an onion shoved up his but. He"s got bulgy frog eyes and a baseball head

He opened the doors for street skating basically

the guy is insane hes awsome

Chad Muska

How is he not higher on the list he is one of the best street skaters out there, who else can ride a skateboard on its side.

The dude is a boss. He can land the same trick as anybody but the landing is 10 times cleaner

He is the best I like when he was wit c1rca

He was my idol growing up. He should be top 10

Andrew Reynolds

Why the Boss don't have a comment yet? And he is not only capable to ollie the bunch of stairs or a 15 feet gap but he is doing nollie kickflips or some other stuff that Sheckler and the rest of that extra-overrated bunch at the top of that list (not to mention Cole, cause he's really awesome, and the duo Mullen/Hawk were great... in the 80s) can only dream of. Look at his Birdhouse "The End" part or "Stay Gold" part to see what the real skateboarding is.

did nobody see the biggest kickflip known to man?
nobody but the BOSS HIMSELF could do that

Yesterday he was 7th place now he's 15, that's bull. His part in baker 3 was legendary, he expoldes down stairs like cee lo green gains weight.

Best of all time at street. And his style is one of a kind. These must be hound kids that are voting

Christopher Chann

Why is this kid at 22nd are you kidding? That dragon flip was mad, by far mine and many others favourite skater. His flat ground skills are insane, and not even a pro!

OH MY... What bull. Out with that dude. That he is even in the list is insulting to all skateboarders

He is so amazing at skating. He can do so many weird flat ground tricks like the 360 dolphin flip. He is one of the best. He beat chris cole in a game of skate he is so good.

He should be within the top ten he can do a 360 dolphin flip he isn't pro yet and tat means he as even more time to progress_an amazing skater

PJ Ladd

PJ Ladd is a very good skater and he to has won some S-K-A-T-E games

Smooth and good lines


I think pj Ladd is the best he is good at skate

CJ Collins

I love this kid he skates with the style of a grown man. Yet he is only 13 years old.

This kid is phenomenal at skateboarding for him to be only 13

So good for a kid

This kid is a beast for his age! He's got style

Chaz Ortiz

He has the best backside flips and grinds ever! His kickflip back smiths are like butter!

He is the best skater alive he should at least top P. Rod he has won 2 dew tours one when he was 14 2nd when 16 and has always been in the street league championship and finals he's really nice freindly and P. Rod sucks he's never been close too winning the street league but chaz is different he is a skateboarder at will! Love him

This guy should be in the top10 he won the dew cup before he was even pro and just came out with a part that is way better than anything on Ladd or rob dyrdek has ever out out

YO! chaz ortiz at least tops daewon song, chaz is so down with his boarding he can't be stopped!

Felipe Gustavo

He is one of the best skateboarders alive he should be in the top 10 if not in the top 5

Felipe is insane he's amazing should be in at least the 20's!

Should be in the top 15 to be honest

Bucky Lasek

He is one of the most talented Skateboarders you will ever meet. He is sponsored by many companies and is great in bowl

This guy was in the first tony hawk game

Bucky is awesome I saw him in oc and he was ripping the bowl up

Bucky wins everything these days.

Tony Alva

Alva 19? The skateboarding world today is a sad place bam is 5 and alva is 19? What

Alva IS Skateboarding. He is the absolute 1st Rock Star of Skateboarding. That is FACT. 27? Get outta here with that.

This guy was the best of all time hands down

What? He basically invented vert/pool skateboarding!

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