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121 Neal Hendrix
122 Nate Sherwood
123 Pierre-Luc Gagnon

PLG deserves higher especialy when you have reality stars who can, t skate to save there lives higher.

124 Josh Gasson
125 Eero Antilla

Eero antilla is beast! Check out his video parts on YouTube!

126 Brandon Westgate
127 Chet Thomas

How could you guys miss this guy? I have been skateboarding for only about a year and a half and I know about him. He should be placed in at least the 30's because he has smooth style and skill.

128 Joey Brezinski V 3 Comments
129 William Damascena

Brazilian guy, street style, very nice movements and a the-Rail man, of course one of the bests skaters of Brazil

130 Caden Clark
131 Tom Asta V 1 Comment
132 Pedro Barros

Should be way higher. One of the best skaters to watch. Might not always win comps, but always skates 120%.

The dude is sick he should be right behind no one. This dude is awesome why are brazil skaters so awesome dud like luan olivera the dudes are rad man

V 1 Comment
133 Antwuan Dixon

He's got such a relaxed style that no other skater can do. He's one of my favorites, go death wish.

V 1 Comment
134 Lewis Marnell

This guy may be dead now but I'm shocked to not see him on this list deserves to be in the top 20 at least check him out

V 1 Comment
135 Kilian Martin

Amazing freestyle skater. His videos are very nice. I was really impressed.

V 2 Comments
136 Tommy Guerrero

His amazing musical talent goes really well with his skateboarding talent.

Should be higher. TG kept street alive when guys were wearing spandex and doing vert contests at waterslide parks

137 Andy Schrock

Andy inspired me to get more into skateboarding and learn more tricks and I love Revive skateboards. And his son is gnarly. Even though he needs help from his dad. His YouTube channel is SICK!

He is hilarious and is so good at skating and his son is super cute

Dudes funny as hell and he is a big promoter in skateboarding

Pretty cool but is definitely not better then aaron kyro

V 6 Comments
138 Jason Park

Jason is really good at doing dark slides and at being a funny skater

Hey I think he's good

Jason parkvdoes every trick you can't.

He can owwlie

V 2 Comments
139 TJ Rogers

This guy is a true ripper go check his blind clips in YouTube

140 Lance Mountain
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