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41 Enigma

I have him and he is awesome everyone should have him

Enigma he is so powerful in all ways

Enigma is so cool

He is crepy

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42 Wash Buckler

Ldiot, stupid, chicken face and pie hole that's all l want to say about him also he has huge USBs. (Ultra Sexy Boobs) His chopped of fingers look disgusting. Er... Makes me vomit.

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43 Scratch

Really powerful yes but there are no cheap versions for Xbox one

Most powerful attacks, obviously the best skylander, better than spyro, stealth elf and all those other skylanders.

The luck of the claw!

My favourite Skylander, I have beaten all my other Skylanders in PvP with her, Scratch should be first! Also, why does she get so little attention?

44 Chopper V 3 Comments
45 Gearshift

She is the best

46 Gill Grunt

Wow he is so good just vote for him

He hurt chill's feelings

He is the worst every


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47 Roller Brawl

She is OP. When fully upgraded she is absolutely unstoppable.

Who wouldn't like her. She is OP. Much better than the others.

Her element may be undead, but she's as lively as they get!

Best character ever

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48 Blast Zone

When fully upgraded with the right paths and when used right, he's almost unstoppable

Blast zone is the best no matter what

Blast and Furious! - Absol

He is a cool fire skylander

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49 Jet-Vac

Jet Vac is so awesome when fully upgraded. Also his armour is the best part he looks so cool and has more defense.HIT THAT VOTE BUTTON

He's my favriet slylander and my first ;D

Guys Jet Vac is the best he is a eagle and rides a vacuum and is the main roll in the giants trailer how is he not the best he is the second strongest and most talented and he even is a bird one of the only bird skylanders he is cool if you think he's not cool then you are a idiot also I'm the guy who hates wolf gang and I hate how the make Jet Vac a loser in the T.V. show because he's strong and smart

50 Cynder

She is cool, powerful and spyro's girlfriend

My little cousin favorite

My favorite character. I honestly can't believe she's down here, but let me tell you that I just needed her (fully upgraded) and 2 others to beat Kaos in Giants.

She is so cool.She can take down anyone

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51 Sunburn

Come on, look at this guys arsenal:flamethrower (later on infinite flamethrower), teleportation, epic phoenix flight! This guy is the best

Sunburn is easily the best skylander with his awesome teleportation power and, with an upgrade, he can infinitely breath fire and then set himself on fire. There was one level I tried about 5 times and lost every time, then I got sunburn and he swept through the level when he was level 1

How is he so low, I mean he could've been worked with a little better, but he's amazing

The most badass skylander ever

52 Bop

Bop is Awesome and cute and powerful. His maxed rolling makes him almost invincible.

53 Bouncer

His moves are quick and effective, and if you spam his fish shot thing, it can kill villains in trap team in a matter of seconds, but swarm and crusher are also good

Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce KA-BOUNCE - rexprice4

Bouncer can take down every giant (except Eye-Brawl)!

Bouncer is and swarm are favorite!

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54 Slam Bam

If you upgrade him completely he can beat ANYONE on this list. His armor is amazing his combos are killer and his fists can have ice maces

Slam bam is so awesome because he can do really combo hits and can be super strong when you upgrade him

He is a fat-yeti who is stronger than John Cena his ice wall is great just vote for him

Slambam is a great skylander. If you can get close to your target he can kill just about anything. His main problem is that he is not very fast.

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55 Eye Brawl V 1 Comment
56 Trap Shadow

Hide and seek like

Vote 4 trap shadow

He's simply just incredible. enough said.


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57 Double Trouble

Best Character- the beam is so powerful and minions so helpful

Nobody can move when I have his weapon aimed on them.

Makes the battlefield a party

Boom Shaka Laka

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58 Zap

Zap is amazing his tesla dragon path is so powerful if you spam his lightning breath attack and his wow pow can take down huge mobs of enemy's at one time. His soul gem means in water areas he is literally invincible. And his figure looks great both his series 1 and 2. Get series 2 for his awesome wow pow

I do hate skylanders but zap is actually my fave - yutex

Personal favorite


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59 Smash Hit
60 Flameslinger

First thing, he has ALWAYS been my favorite sky lander. He is basically HAWKEYE (just with a blindfold! ) He isn't good at first, but once you upgrade him, he is almost unstoppable!

My friend's second favorite sky lander, I don't really care for him, though

He is the best he is really strong and is very fast if u need a fast skylander

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