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81 Fire Shift

With his bottom, if you choose the batty coach path, YOU GET 3 LIVES

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82 Turbo Charged Donkey Kong

DK goes Bananas when you unleash the Diddy and then bring in your Barrel Boxing Gloves. The Kong's are Bringing Down the HOUSE!

He is really strong and can get diddy Kong wich makes him invincible

We all love DK! - Absol

83 Knockout Terrafin V 1 Comment
84 Boom Jet

Awesome. He can fly

85 Night Shift

If you choose the batty coach path, with his bottom, YOU GET 3 LIVES, and not to mention that you can teleport too!

86 Trigger Snappy

Go happy go lucky with this swag gremlin

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87 Short Cut
88 Stormblade
89 Dive-Clops
90 Whirlwind

My second favourite (beaten only by Scratch). I wish I could vote for both of them!

Whirlwind is unbeatable in skylanders trap team

She's my little sisters favorite character!

91 Voodood

Voodood is the best magic fighter I every had

Voodood was probably one of the strongest characters in spyros adventure and still is elite to this day

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92 Stump Smash V 1 Comment
93 Dark Wash Buckler
94 Hot Head

This is my favorite giant so far, and I have 5! He is amazingly fast for his size, and his soul gem, which isn't hard to find at all, is the colest move ever. A giant fire lord with fire rain, flamethrower hands, oil slick, and a motorcycle mode is hard to beat

95 Spotlight V 1 Comment
96 Doom Stone

He is pretty cool his club and shield are awesome.

97 Dark Blast Zone
98 Hijinx
99 Hammer Slam Bowser V 2 Comments
100 Drill Sergeant V 1 Comment
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