Top Ten Slayer Album Covers

The Top Ten

1 South of Heaven
2 Reign In Blood

For me the upcoming album repentless

3 Seasons In The Abyss
4 Hell Awaits
5 Divine Intervention

Not slayers best album but the cover is ausome

6 Show No Mercy

That minotaur on the cover is so sick!

7 Repentless
8 Christ Illusion
9 Diabolous In Musica
10 World Painted Blood

The Contenders

11 God Hates Us All

The original is a Bible, but Kerry King didn't like it, so he had a slip case made for it. I must say, I prefer the slip case. - IronSabbathPriest

12 Undisputed Attitude
13 Soundtrack to the Apocalypse
14 Haunting the Chapel
15 Live Undead
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