Top Ten Sly Cooper Series Villains

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1 Clockwerk

A Eurasian Eagle Owl who has himself alive for thousands of years feeding on nothing but jealousy and hatred for Sly's family. THAT is epic! He replaced his body with soulless machinery. THAT is epic! His voice is enough to give you goosebumps. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DUDE IS EPIC!

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2 Dimitri Lousteau

An Iguana who was shunned by the art world, turning him into a ruthless nightclub owner in Paris. He later had a twist of fate when he joined the Cooper gang. He is probably the funniest character in the entire series. Everything he says is hilarious.

3 Dr. M

A mandrill who was a former member of Sly's father's gang. He betrayed him when he thought he treated him more like a sidekick than an equal. He then set out to steal the Cooper's riches from the ancient Cooper vault. The best thing about this guy is that how he feels is understandable. Sly's dad didn't seem like a very good friend, and no one likes to have a bad friend.

4 Muggshot

This bulldog was once a little pipsqueak. After being bullied so much as a child, he took inspiration from gangster movies and became a stone hard tough as nails thug. He's hilarious because he is an idiot. His stupidity is the reason that he is so high here.

5 Neyla
6 Panda King

Probabably the most sentimental villain. Its pretty obvious what species he is. He was a poor child who loved fireworks, but was rejected for being poor. He then became the demolitions expert for the Fiendish Five, and participated in the murder of Sly's dad. He was the least evil of any other villain, and was always calm.

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7 Jean-Bison

Again, it's obvious what species. This man was frozen over a hundred years ago, and was thawed out of the ice thanks to global warming. He then became a ruthless lumberjack who showed no compassion for nature, and thought that strength was more important than intelligence.

8 Cyrille le Paradox

Le Paradox is AMAZING!

9 General Tsao
10 The Contessa

This arachnid prison warren is awesome! She was introduced as a "health care professional" working for intepol. She was really a fifth member of the infamous Klaww gang, who was a master of hypnosis. This woman's cold hearted personality is enough to send shivers down your spine.

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11 Mz Ruby

Ok, this lady gives me the creeps! This Haitian alligator never really fit in with others, mainly due to being "scary". However she did manage to have friends using the art of... ( Gulp)... Voodoo. She used her powers to become the chief mystic for the fiendish five. She gets extra points for having the hardest boss battle in the series.

12 El Jefe

A tiger dictator who took over several small countries. #EPIC

He robbed a place with 3 blind mice and plastic spoons

13 Rajan
14 Sir Raleigh
15 Black Knight
16 Arpeggio
17 Miss Decibel
18 Don Octavio
19 Black Baron
20 Captain Lefwee
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