Top 10 Smokeless Tobacco Brands

List of the top 10 smokeless tobacco brands in my opinion, based on quality, flavor, price, variety, popularity, nicotine content, and availability among other aspects.

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1 Copenhagen

Sitting on the porch with my grandpa in 1973 I watched him put a dip of snuff in his mouth. He saw the Curiosity in my eyes and asked if I wanted to try it. Of course my answer was "heck yeah". I didn't much like it the first time but a few days later I tried it again. The next thing you know I'm digging through the sofa cushions for pocket change so I could go by myself a can of Copenhagen. The original Copenhagen. I don't go for none of that flavored crap. Of course it wasn't but about $0.25 a can back then. I was a member of the original Copenhagen Gold Diamond Club. Other than that... I just hope Copenhagen never gets away from using the original paper can!

Copenhagen offers the most flavor of any dip I've had yet. It's very moist. I live in a pretty country ass area, and Cope's #1 round these parts. (Grizzly's probably a far #2)

My first pinch was Copenhagen Snuff at the age of 11. Since then, my palette has changed quite a bit, and I choose to dip Copenhagen wintergreen on a daily basis. On special occasions, or when I feel like it really...I'll buy a can of snuff. That usually turns into weeks or months of only Copenhagen snuff. Then I go back to wintergreen. Copenhagen straight is a nice change from time to time as well. Regardless of flavor choice, Copenhagen is a far superior product. I've had them all, and Cope is still the best. In particular, Copenhagen Snuff is the best. On the side of loose leaf chew, Levi Garrett takes the cake.

Cope gives ya hope

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2 Grizzly

Can't say I agree with Grizzly topping several of the chews below it. But that is just based on personal taste preference. I started with Copenhagen and that is one hell of a bar to try to reach by any company. I will say that the in mouth flavor is not horrible, but the after taste was always nasty to me. Tried several flavors of this brand and always got the same aftertaste. Perhaps it's the imported tobacco used in it? Not sure. All in all Grizzly is not a horrid chew, but it definitely does not beat out Skoal, Redman or Levi Garret in my view.

Grizzly has one of the most popular wintergreens out today, which is available in long cut, wide cut, fine cut, and pouches. - FaZeCain

I dip grizzly every day and it the wintergreen. I love grizzly because it calms my nerves after a long day. My first dip was grizzly wintergreen and it gave my the biggest nicotine buzz, I still dip grizzly and I still love it I remember me, my brother, and his friends hangin out in the back yard of where I lived and my brother put a dip in and so did his friend, I asked em if I could try some and I three fingered it and they said it wasn't a good idea for me to three finer it and I did anyways. It was amazing grizzly is my #1 favorite by far.

Its great

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3 Skoal

Skoal is the most popular dip nowadays, and offers a wide variety of flavors and cut sizes. They developed the first wintergreen dip, which is arguably the most popular flavor today. - FaZeCain

If Mint or Fruity flavors is your thing in a chew, this brand is definitely for you. I've always seen Skoal as US Smokeless' hybrid line. Skoal definitely has the most assorted of flavors to choose from, and they are all reasonably good. Of course everyone is going to have a least favorite and a favorite. Its no Copenhagen but its also far better than Timberwolf and Grizzly.

Skoal classic mint long cut great taste used to chew redman but got no buzz just tried skoal and I can actually feel the nicotine buzz been dipping skoal last few weeks definitely gonna try cope snuff next though

Get Jacked Up BOYY

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4 Levi Garrett

Levi Garrett was my Grandfather's chew of choice. Their symbolic tan bag has not changed what so ever since I was a very young boy (if ever), and that goes for the quality of this chew as well. I tried my first chew of Levi with my Grandfather when I was around 16 and was out of snuff. It was a big change from what I was use to but I really enjoyed it. It has a very rich sweet flavor, and the leaves to me seem a bit thicker than Redman which keeps it in tact a little better while you chew it. If you are a frequent dipper and are going to try chewing loose leaf for the first time, I would go with this over Redman because it's a lot smoother. Nothing against Redman at all, as I chew Redman all the time. But the preference between the two is obviously Levi.

Levi Garrett makes loose leaf tobacco, which comes in a mail pouch and is chewed on rather than sucked on, which makes it different from most of the other brands on this list. This is by far the best quality loose leaf tobacco, with great flavor and cut and it is available in most stores. - FaZeCain

I love the sweetness and larger cut of Levi Garrett. I started with redman golden blend but Levi has a smoother taste and no after taste at all. I tried a few bags of stokers to save money but came back to Levi Garrett. It's my only chew.


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5 Red Man

I've been chewing Red Man since I was a teenager, I'm 67 now. Tried many other brands including plugs, twist, and even cans of dip which I've never cared for. They just sit there and do nothing, I want something I can taste, sink my teeth into, and work up some juice and Red Man does it all for me. So I always ended up coming back to the best chew ever. Some of the other LL chews might have a better texture to them, and even less stems, but you just can't beat the taste of Red Man. I am now dietetic so I have gone from the original pack to the sugar free pack. It's a little weaker than the original but still has that great taste. Oh and here's a little tip...I've gotten to where I can feel them, every once in awhile you can find a huge leaf in a bag. If you unroll it and fill it with the rest of your chew then roll it back up, it stays together and packs great. It makes for an excellent chew. Anyway, in my opinion Red Man is the best chew ever.

I enjoy Redman. It has a great spice to it that you wont get in Levi, but I still would not suggest to anyone to try this loose leaf first. Most people I saw chewing LL growing up were chewing Redman. Very popular brand, easily attainable, and it also has a bit more variety than Levi. To me Redman is also a bit stronger than Levi. Also tried their snuff when it came out. Can't say I was very impressed with it, but it was something different and I'm sure there are those out their that enjoyed that kind of flavor in a dip. Always with dipping/chewing I try my best to keep an open mind.

I dipped Copenhagen Wintergreen mostly and recently started getting sick of the smell of dip. I decided I would try out some loose leaf for a change and got Red Man golden blend and haven't chewed anything else since. It tastes all natural and lasts a whole lot longer than dip and I love it!

It should be #4

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6 Red Seal

I prefer red seal natural. One reason, because red seal natural actually has that NATURAL after taste that lingers around that most other dip brands don't... Most other Natural flavors from other companies just taste really salty and there is really no actual natural flavor to it. 2nd reason is that it may be a little more expensive than cope in my area but it's always FULL to the top and the can is a little bigger than any other brand. The only downside is that it will loose it's flavor pretty quick.

I used Copenhagen for 11 years until it got too expensive. Then I tried all other options until I found Red Seal Fine Cut Natural. At the time, it was half the price, the can holds 25% more and it was the closest thing to That Copenhagen taste I've ever found. The price has gone up after 10+ years, but Red Seal sends me coupons about 3-4 times a year. Not to mention that you can go on their website once a month and get a free coupon mailed to you.

Red Seal is a dip which is manufactured by U.S. Smokeless, the company that manufactures Skoal and Copenhagen. With cans that have 25 percent more tobacco than normal cans, it is a great dip to either start out on, or to dip every day. - FaZeCain

I prefer the Red Seal natural. It is one of my favorites. I have had Copenhagen, grizzly and Kodiak and I still go back to the ole Red Seal.

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7 Timberwolf

Timberwolf Peach holds its flavor longer than any other dip I have had. The problem is you just can't find it anywhere lately.

My husband loves this brand of peach. It has become hard to find, I've been told it has been discontinued. He is very disappointed. Trying to find another brand / type

Timberwolf is a very cheap dip with flavors such as cool wintergreen, mint, peach, and straight among others. It is pretty good for its price. - FaZeCain

I like it it's my favorite one from this brand

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8 Kayak

Its got the best grape flavor

This is the cheapest most awful thing I've ever put in my mouth. It is like they got tree bark that has been rained on and cut into smaller pieces and put it in a can

I lost my virginity to this brand

If you don't want get caught in class this the brand for you.

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9 Gold River

Great for those new to dips. Stringy super long cut. Packs and pinches well. Weak nicotine hit. Seasoned dippers will need experiment and mix this with another dip for nicotine. I mix this with copenhagen straight for a wonderful dessert style dip. It smells like waffles with butter and syrup or maybe a bit like stokers butternut chew.

This is a dip which is quite uncommon. It is one of the only dips manufactures by Swisher which is widely recognized as a good quality dip. It comes in one flavor, which is a natural. - FaZeCain

While this will not give you a buzz it was great for beginners. Sadly not being produced at this time. I will wait patiently for this to come back to the market. Truly amazing taste with honey, and vanilla notes. Once you dip it you won't quit it.

Have chewed it for years but can't find it!

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10 Beechnut

I like the flavor and the tradition, est.1897. It's been around a long time. Problem is it is sold out at the stores, so I have to hunt for it at times. I been refused a carton at Walmart before. I'm lucky if they have a pack left.

I'm kind of surprised that Beechnut is this low on the list. It is a great LL chew and has been around a long time. Around here it is reasonably cheaper than Levi or Redman which is kind of weird as I've always thought it to be just as popular(but considerably harder to find). It is another brand my Gandfather use to chew, and was his honest preference over Levi but where we lived made it difficult to find any, or at least any that was still fresh. Beechnut to me is like a cross between Redman and Levi, a little bit more bite than Levi and sweeter than Redman. I would honestly rank it between the two rather than way down here..

This is a loose leaf tobacco brand which comes in a wintergreen and original. It is one of the more popular chewing tobacco brands out there. - FaZeCain

I'm the third generation in my family to chew Beechnut, I grew up with it. It's a nasty habit but I can't hunt or fish without it.

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11 Kodiak

Another brand that I don't see how it is this low on the list. Kodiak has been around for a little while now, and back when I was a young boy was very cheap. I think you could get a free can with the purchase of a can of something else (can't remember which brand). Their wintergreen is much better than Grizzly's to me, and the cut of the tobacco isn't bad either. It is easy to pinch and the flavor lasts for a reasonable amount of time. The only problem I had with Kodiak was that from time to time you would by an in date roll and it would be completely dry, but that was far and few between.

This one should be number one. It's smooth on the mouth, has great flavor, tastes natural, has a natural feeling buzz (unlike Grizzly or Skoal which feels chemical), has a great kick, you can dip it all day and do it again tomorrow with no soreness, and the cut is second to none. You can always get the perfect pinch, and can count on it being smooth no matter what.

Has the best wintergreen flavor, with wintergreens being my favorite flavor, I honestly think this should be at least In the top 5. Overall my favorite brand. (Oh and it has the strongest kick of all American dips I've tried)

I bought my first can of kodiak today after a customer at Casey’s general Store recommended it to me. I’ve been dipping Copenhagen on and off for the past two years. The big win for Kodiak right now is how nice it is on my gums. Copenhagen leaves my gums RAW after a day of chewing. So far kodiak has been an amazing switch up to my mouth without losing any flavor at all. I’m really surprised how low it ranked on this list. I rank it over Copenhagen any day.

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12 Stoker's Mint

Stokers in general has to be hands down the worst snuff I've ever tried. I get it. Some people just dip cheap, and if that is what you are going for this is the brand for you. My first dip of stokers was out of a free can given to me by one of their agents about a week ago. They said it was comparable to Copenhagen LC in flavor. As I said in a previous post I typically hate knock off flavors, but this snuff has a different flavor altogether and I do NOT mean that in a good way. It almost taste like chemicals to me, or at least artificial in nature. They put very very little salt in this snuff which I'm sure most seasoned chewers have come to know in their natural flavors. If you enjoy anything with reasonably good flavor don't try stokers. If you are broke and want a dip, by all means do what you do. I do believe if I ever offered this snuff to a friend, it would cost me a friendship.. That goes for all of its flavors. But to each their own.

I'm a Grizzly Wintergreen man. But every once in a while I will dip stokers. By far it is the juiciest and the longest lasting dip I'm tried. Great dip. My second favorite dip behind grizzly.

It's a cheap brand with a lot of flavor. When I'm running low on money and can't afford any type of Copenhagen I always go straight to the store and pick up Stoker's mint.

God as hell

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13 Longhorn

Good taste, good texture, great nicotine buzz. Started chewing this cause it was cheap and ended up really enjoying it. I haven't been chewing super long but I think this deserves a #4 spot behind copenhagen, skoal, and grizzly

Longhorn mint I buy the tubs great price great taste. Was in the Skoal brotherhood for awhile but change to longhorn 8 years ago and never went back to Skoal. Longhorn should be in the top 5

Copenhagen is by far the best, but longhorn is easily 2 or 3 maybe behind grizzly. Started chewing longhorn cause of price but has a great taste.

Chewed Copenhagen from 16 till I was about 20. My state changed the age to buy to 21 so I got whatever was easiest to get. Now I’ve tried all across the board and really like longhorn/red man long cut duo

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14 Stokers Straight

I started with Grizzly, then Copenhagen (both were wintergreen) and then I saw I could get Stokers straight dip for $2.65 and I could get two for the price of one. For me, that wasn't a bad choice. Every tin I buy of Stokers is completely full and tightly packed so they seem to be consistent, and it is always fresh and good quality because it doesn't fall apart when I pinch. Hell I almost took half the tin with one pinch because it was so well packed. It is very strong. I guess I can't say I like it like want to taste it or crave the flavor but I guess it's one of those things that you acquire a taste for. It smells terrible because it's so strong but overall, I feel like people aren't giving Stokers credit. I once tried a tin of rum flavor Skoal and I got it for dirt cheap. It was loose and not packed as tight as my Stokers and it tasted like ass. I don't know how to describe it other than I couldn't dip it it was so bad. It may have been a bad tin but until a quality Skoal tin ...more

I can't see why people are putting down on stokers this is one of the best dips ever! Maybe y'all aren't getting it around the south I live in Tennessee and every time I get a can or tub it has like 4-5 months till expiration. Really one of the best dips ever and a hell of a lot better than skoal

I tried all different kinds of dip and stokers straight is the best

It's the best like bobby stoker says,"great dip at a fair price"

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15 Stokers Wintergreen

I have dipped for 30 of my 45 years of life. Dipped skoal for about 20 years, grizzly about 5 years and now buy Stokes by the tub. It is cheaper but juicer and has more flavor. I'm past anything that gives me a buzz. Skoal didn't even give me a buzz and I haven't spit in about 25 years.

I started when I was seven years old which which was my dad's favorite dip and I remember going trout-fishing and he would always get 5 can role and he would. Leave it in the tent so I snuck a can out to try it

Stokers has one of the best wintergreen dip I love it but it doesn't have a good pinch too it

Nice and moist overall good taste

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16 Southern Pride

It's a great chew in my opinion tastes very close to Levi

Southern pride I a damn good dip

Taste a lot like Levi garrt

Dip is good

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17 Taylor's Pride

I think Taylor's pride is by far one of the best tasting loose leaf tabbaco flavors tilt doesn't have as harsh of a taste as Levi garrets I know because when I first started I frequently accidentally swallowed a little bit every now and then


18 Hawkin

Best chew in a can

This dip for kids that's that

Wish I could still buy it

I liked it for a snack was like candy in tobacco form.

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19 Copenhagen Mint

Ever since it came out, this is all I chew, better flavor than Wintergreen.

It's the best dip I have ever tried. It's moist and always satisfies my crave.

Good dip at fair price.. Gotta love the bogo 2 packs

I'm a mint guy first off but I switched from smoking a pack a day to dipping cope and it's the only chew that provides the amount of nicotine to actually keep me from smoking. great flavor, high nicotine content. in my opinion, it's the only chew worth dipping.

20 Husky

Husky to me is about like taking half a can of timberwolf and half a can of grizzly and throwing it in the same package. It was never a very good snuff, and left a weird aftertaste. The flavor did not last very long either. It was not the worst dip I tried but it was not far from it either..

They should not be down towards the bottom with these weird ass dips

Great dip especially fine cut natural next best thing to snuff

Husky is the only brand I've had that doesn't burn in my mouth!

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21 Lancaster

By FAR the best loose leaf out there

My everyday chew. I get two bags for around $6 great long lasting flavor. Most bang for the buck. Also it doesn't have the raisony taste red man does

Just wondering where you get it for around $6.00? In my neck of the woods it's around$10.00.

The best LL

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22 Camel

I know a lot of people do not like snus. Me personally, I really enjoyed the flavors of Camel Snus but the fact they only make it in spitless pouches is what deters me from this product. If they were to package in loose grain cans like other snuff companies or at least put more packets in their tins I believe they would be a bit more successful with this product. It was not a horrible idea, and as I said I liked their flavors. I think Robust was the one I enjoyed the most. Frost was also on the same page for me. Just not enough tobacco for the price it costs. Plus I always had to put in like 3 packets just to get a feel from it. So weak nicotine, needless to say. Kind of surprising coming from a company that produces one of the strongest cigarettes on the market.

Camel is absolutely terrible by far the worst

Camel frost is the best in my opinion

I have tried all the Camel Snuz flavors and I prefer the Mellow the best. Good taste good flavor and it is priced very well.

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23 Smokey Mountain
24 General

Best snus I've come across. Harder to find but definitely worth it. Not really a chew, comes in portioned pouches and just sits in your lip but you can swallow normally. I just tell people I have gum in if they're not tobacco friendly, and I can use it all day at work. Personally I go for the Mint (blue can) but the other flavors are either too potent or nonexistent. I like the mint flavor a lot, complements the snus flavor well.

One of the best snus out there

25 Plug

Cannon ball and days work best moneybcan buy and at 7 bucks per block trust me your payin for it

26 Starr Chewing Tobacco

My personal favorite

The exact same as landcaster.

27 Tough Guy Dip

Very good cut and very juicy. This brand is hard to find unless you order it online. But if it was easier to find it would be my every day dip.

Best cut juicy and flavorful! So much different from any other brand it really stands out

Its fat cut and the flavor last forever. Ita juicy and it taste good. #vanilla

This stuff is amazing!

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28 Stokers Tennessee Chew

Not easily found but a great chew. Beats out Red Man, Beech Nut, and probably Taylor's Pride. It doesn't have that rich, almost natural taste of Levi Garret though.

One of the best chews I've ever had this should definitely be number three at least


Just good stuff. really good stuff.

29 Tinsley

:My late husband, who died 3 days before his 80th birthday, quit cigarettes altogether & went with Tinsley Thick tobacco to chew. He had always used it at events where no smoking was allowed. He was very neat & discrete about his use, never spitting in a group, etc. He was very disciplined.


30 Derringer

Strong, cheapest

It's the cheepest snuf I've found with the best flavor in the straight long cut

31 Golden Eagle

I like the hibiscus flavor, it is unique but only lasts about 20 minutes to a half an hour. Wish nicotine free/tobacco free chew could be made to taste like the tobacco brands with lasting flavor. Costs more than most chewing tobacco brands.

Teriable dip

32 Silver Creek Fine Cut Wintergreen

Tastes like dog balls. I bought a can a month ago. Took one dip out of it and the rest is still sittin in my truck.

Better than skoal by far

33 Bowie

Iv always liked it when I quite smoking I bought a box of bowie and chewed it from there on

34 Rooster

Big tin and big savings. Con is the flavor didn't last long. After 15 min it felt and tasted like mud mush

35 Cowboy
36 Jake's
37 Goteborgs Rape
38 Decade

Oooh haha trick


39 Seneca

Most bang for yer buck

40 Buff Buzz

One of the best buzz if ever had

41 Klondike

It's not bad to be honest

42 Stokers Natural

I believe this was the flavor I was given in a free can and was told "It compares to Copenhagen". Like all others that claim that, it's a lie. People don't waste your money on Stokers. It's a horrible product and you will only end up wasting twice the money to drive back to the store and get a can of real snuff.

Great but not to great smells like perfume but great taste cheap 99c a can

43 Naswar
44 Holt
45 Zap dip
46 Wesley's
47 Hooch

I think Hooch is the best dip. Ever since I was a young feller I've been dippin' this stuff. It provides the biggest pinches for the lowest prices. My paw gave me a can for my 9th birthday and I've been hooked ever since.

48 Young's Chew

Best duo ever not around anymore

49 Elicit Herbal
50 Mirage
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