Top 10 British Supermarkets


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1 Tesco

I've been there a few times.

Tesco is actually really good, but most of what they sell is expensive, for example, in Tesco, you can buy a bottle of coke for 2.50 or something, whereas in Asda, its 2 pounds - RickyReeves

2 Sainsbury's

Quality for an affordable price! This should be number one!

Sainsbury's is good too, my parents don't shop there often. - RickyReeves


3 Asda

Asda is bigger and better than tesco. I love the confectionary aisle.

Asda is cheaper than Tesco. Most of the time anyways - RickyReeves

Walmart + United Kingdom = ASDA - BKAllmighty

4 Marks & Spencer
5 Waitrose

Waitrose has good quality food, so why is it all the way down here? Its food is WAY BETTEr than Tesco's and Lidl. - Wolftail

Agree, and they also post interesting recipes which my parents whip on us unexpected. They're the best for food. - PositronWildhawk

6 Morrisons

Good food and good cafe, only just down the road - AutoUnder

7 Lidl
8 Iceland

Iceland is good for pre-made food. You can just make them. My parents always buys from there during for new year parties, plus it's cheaper too! - RickyReeves


Aldi and Lidl are by far the best supermarkets in Britain and the cheapest!

10 Cost Cutters

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11 Nisa

It's much Nisa than you think... - Rocko

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