Top 10 Worst McDonald's Happy Meal Products

The Top Ten Worst McDonald's Happy Meal Products

Finding Nemo Jellyfish

It's not finding nemo at all, it's shark tale. No wonder it has a face! Shark tale jellyfish have faces! And it's sold at burger king. MCDONALD'S IS A BANDIT - Officialpen

This doesn't look like a finding Nemo Jellyfish! It has a face! REALLY! Finding nemo Jellyfish don't have faces!

Creepy, useless, and doesn't look like a jellyfish in the movie. One of the saddest happy meal toys ever.

I don't really go to McDonalds anymore to be honest. - EpicJake

American Idol MP3 Player

That's all it plays? Songs from American Idol? I would go insane. - Minecraftcrazy530

Halloween Pails

I always liked the plastic Halloween pails cause I could take them trick or treating and some of them had lids and glowed In the dark... I used it to hold other toys during the year or just play with... I was way disappointed when they didn't have the pails last year cause my kids had them before and were disappointed too.. they weren't really Greasy sounds like a personal McDonald's issue cause we've never got Greasy toys if it is a grease issue don't blame the pail...Instead of putting the food directly in pail ask for it in a separate bag... When I was a kid it never bothered me it wasn't even greasy. BRING IT BACK. THANKS

The pails are greasy

I hate these things! Just another cheap advertisment for some Halloween themed movie or something. - RiverClanRocks

Nature's Watch
Michael Jordan Fitness Fun
Ronald McDonald Mask

Nightmare Fuels
- TheDuttyGyal

Dress as a nightmare now kids!

Inspector Gadget 8 Piece Toy
Madam Alexander Oz Dolls

Do I have to explain?

ET Poster

Is there a toy in this one?

The Contenders

Despicable Me 2 Clapper Toys

ALL OF THEM... All it does is clap.

New Wave Nigel

Devo sued McDonalds for this toy.. - MusicalPony


So ugly - Tyoshi

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