Top 10 Worst McDonald's Happy Meal Products

The Top Ten
1 Finding Nemo Jellyfish

It's not finding nemo at all, it's shark tale. No wonder it has a face! Shark tale jellyfish have faces! And it's sold at burger king. MCDONALD'S IS A BANDIT - Officialpen

This doesn't look like a finding Nemo Jellyfish! It has a face! REALLY! Finding nemo Jellyfish don't have faces!

Creepy, useless, and doesn't look like a jellyfish in the movie. One of the saddest happy meal toys ever.

I don't really go to McDonalds anymore to be honest. - EpicJake

2 American Idol MP3 Player

That's all it plays? Songs from American Idol? I would go insane. - Minecraftcrazy530

3 Halloween Pails

I always liked the plastic Halloween pails cause I could take them trick or treating and some of them had lids and glowed In the dark... I used it to hold other toys during the year or just play with... I was way disappointed when they didn't have the pails last year cause my kids had them before and were disappointed too.. they weren't really Greasy sounds like a personal McDonald's issue cause we've never got Greasy toys if it is a grease issue don't blame the pail...Instead of putting the food directly in pail ask for it in a separate bag... When I was a kid it never bothered me it wasn't even greasy. BRING IT BACK. THANKS

The pails are greasy

I hate these things! Just another cheap advertisment for some Halloween themed movie or something. - RiverClanRocks

4 Nature's Watch
5 Michael Jordan Fitness Fun
6 Ronald McDonald Mask

Nightmare Fuels
- TheDuttyGyal

Dress as a nightmare now kids!

7 Inspector Gadget 8 Piece Toy
8 Madam Alexander Oz Dolls
9 Popoids

Do I have to explain?

10 ET Poster

Is there a toy in this one?

The Contenders
11 Despicable Me 2 Clapper Toys

ALL OF THEM... All it does is clap.

12 Toothpaste
13 New Wave Nigel

Devo sued McDonalds for this toy.. - MusicalPony

14 Galidor

So ugly - Tyoshi

15 Kidz Bop CDs

I once got a kidz bop cd in my happy meal as a kid, it sucked, most of the songs I didn't really like except for the song kidz bop world

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