Top 10 Worst McDonald's Happy Meal Products


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1 Finding Nemo Jellyfish

It's not finding nemo at all, it's shark tale. No wonder it has a face! Shark tale jellyfish have faces! And it's sold at burger king. MCDONALD'S IS A BANDIT - Officialpen

This doesn't look like a finding Nemo Jellyfish! It has a face! REALLY! Finding nemo Jellyfish don't have faces!

Creepy, useless, and doesn't look like a jellyfish in the movie. One of the saddest happy meal toys ever.

1. This isn't from McDonalds, it's from Burger King.
2. It's from Shark Tale, not Finding Nemo. - RaccoonCartoon

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2 American Idol MP3 Player

That's all it plays? Songs from American Idol? I would go insane. - Minecraftcrazy530


3 Halloween Pails

The pails are greasy

I hate these things! Just another cheap advertisment for some Halloween themed movie or something. - RiverClanRocks

4 Nature's Watch
5 Michael Jordan Fitness Fun
6 Inspector Gadget 8 Piece Toy
7 Ronald McDonald Mask
8 Madam Alexander Oz Dolls
9 Popoids

Popoids are a waste of money, and so are the McDonalds versions. For each Happy Meal, you get ONE tiny piece. Imagine how fat a kid would have to get to get enough pieces to actually build something! - RaccoonCartoon

Do I have to explain?

10 ET Poster

Is there a toy in this one?

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11 New Wave Nigel

Devo sued McDonalds for this toy.. - MusicalPony

12 Despicable Me 2 Clapper Toys

All the minion toys are trash, but the clapper has to be the worst. It takes so much effort to get it to clap once, and most of the time it doesn't even. - RaccoonCartoon

ALL OF THEM... All it does is clap.

13 Galidor

So ugly - Tyoshi

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1. Finding Nemo Jellyfish
2. American Idol MP3 Player
3. Nature's Watch
1. Ronald McDonald Mask
2. Finding Nemo Jellyfish
3. Halloween Pails



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