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1 Taeyeon

She is clearly the best singer in SNSD :) Yoona is my bias but her singing is really xP haha taeyeon is my 3rd bias AND HER SINGING IS SO GOOD! :D


Taeyeon is clearly the best singer in SNSD. She has a powerful, angelic voice. She has a good control in her voice, she puts a very nice emotions when needed. Her high notes & low notes are awesome. No wonder why most people wants to have a collab with her. She's really good!

She is the best. She has brautiful voice, can control herself, and her hight note is amazing.

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2 Seohyun

I think and I feel seohyun's voice is really nice.. It's clear, relaxing, sweet and really high. Not like Tiffany who sounds like pulling it too much when it come to high note.. She should get bigger part in every snsd songs.

Well, she can do both high and low notes. She expresses the song beautifully and she doesn't strain her voice. She's perfect!

Seohyun has a beautiful voice like an angel

I think as a maknae, Seohyun is doing extremely well. She has a smooth but soft voice, and really sings high notes well. I have to say, even Taeyeon can't sing high as well as Seohyun, Tae sings loud are crisp but Seo sings the notes well.

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3 Jessica

She's too perfect in everything!

Jessica can sing whatever. Her voice make me amazing. Very good voice. Oh! Jessica.. I come to vote for her.

She has an angelic voice and make me happy

Amazing voice, so perfect and the highest range of the main vocalists. She slays

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4 Tiffany Tiffany

Love her voice! Its so special even though she maybe goes of pitch or something, I still like her voice better than anyone else :D beautiful, smooth, pure, low, husky voice with an amazing falsetto :D SNSD HWATITING!

I love Tiffany's voice - yoongknight

I love her voice so much

Love her

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5 Yuri

Although Yuri's more of the "dancing group" in SNSD her voice is actually very good. Personally I think her voice is enough to land her in the "singing group" of SNSD. Her singing parts in SNSD's songs are really good, especially gee and into the new world. Also Sooyoung's quite good as well

You should vote for her she doesn't need makeup to look cute and beautiful and she has a great voice

Yuri is good in both dancing and singing. Actually she has a great voice. But because she has a great dancing skill and also a sexy and good body, so SM wants her to focus more on her dancing. And many people says she has a better voice than Yoona, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon. For me she even can beat Sunny. I think she can be a lead dancer and a lead singer.

Yuri is my bias in SNSD. She is so pretty <3... I think she, with Seohyun, are the kindest in SNSD. Yuri is so funny. She is also super great at dancing. And boy, look at her body! So sexy. She doesn't have a white skin, but I don't care, that's what make her so beautiful. I like her look in 2007 and more during 2013. I love Yuri! YoonYul lover

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6 Sunny

Sunny should be in 3rd to 5th placing. In SM ranking she is the fifth, but now she's improving rapidly and moving towards the 3-4th placing. Sunny fighting!

This cute girl is underrated she can reach high notes better also she has clear voice always her parts are best in trick and mistake

Sunny is one of the most underrated members of the group, but actually she can sing very well :) Sunny fighting!

She has the most kawaii voice ever, I wish I had a voice like hers, its cute.

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7 Sooyoung Sooyoung

Sooyoung has a really good voice... I think she is much better than yoona's duck voice

Sooyoung have a good voice, but SM not give she change for to show this skill, I think so have voice better than yoona or yuri

SooYoung should be number 7 instead of 8, her voice is in fact better that Yoona's

For who said that sooyoung is ugly, please listen to sway cover

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8 Yoona

I think her voice is good, try listening to her singing a bit part of ITNW in Entertainment Weekly about SNSD World Tour in Seoul the Interview Cut, her voice here is good actually. So haters, please don't hate her just because you think that she can't sing :)
Sorry if there's a mistake in my english

She is a good singer, she sings from the heart... She just needs some confidence while singing... But overall she's GREAT!

If she she is just given a singing part where she can use her full voice she can proved those haters wrong. She' good in ITNW, Baby Baby, and The Boys.

Yoona's voice is not powerful as taeyeon but her voice is so sweet. She has a unique and soothing voice.

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9 Hyoyeon

HyoYeon is not a bad singer in my opinion, I honestly think Yoona should be number 9 instead of Hyoyeon, the main reason why is because Yoona has a duck-ish voice meaning she has a light kinda weird voice, while HyoYeon has a very short unique voice, although rapping and dancing are things that speak for themselves in her singing needs some attention as well, live she sounds different compared to how she sounds when she's singing on music videos, but over all I really like her voice.

She should be placed 7, instead of 9. I think the reason is mainly because she's not so popular, compared to those aforementioned. Her voice is somewhat husky and really unique, which makes quite good impression on me

Hey hyoyeon has a way better voice than sunny or even better than Yoona she just has not proved it I mean people say she has a better voice than sunny

I think she may not be the best singer, but I think she's the best rapper.

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