Top Ten Song Titles With One Word Replaced With Poo

The Top Ten Song Titles With One Word Replaced With Poo

1 All You Need is Poo (The Beatles)
2 Eight Poos a Week (The Beatles)

I poo WAY more than 8 times per week when I was 2 years old

Dude... - BorisRule

3 Poo Yourself (Justin Bieber)

Don't get me wrong, I still Hate JB - jmepa1234

4 All I Want for Christmas is Poo (Mariah Carey)

Auctually I wanted a fake rubber poo but okay

5 We Will Poo You (Queen)

I will poo ON you

6 All About That Poo (Meghan Trainor)
7 Tornado of Poos (Megadeth)

Ooh nice

8 A Day In the Poo (The Beatles)
9 Fear of the Poo (Iron Maiden)


10 Smells Like Teen Poo (Nirvana)

School bathrooms in a nutshell - Hotheart123


The Contenders

11 Master of Poos (Metallica)

When I was 2 years old I was the master of poos. I would poop in my diaper several times PER DAY.

I know it's childish but I like this type of lists - they are really funny. - Metal_Treasure

Hey metal treasure, you're not the only one. I find these HILARIOUS - astroshark

12 Is This Poo? (Bob Marley)

Nah it's a chocolate smoothie

Yes, it's fresh from the birds.


13 In My Darkest Poo (Megadeth)
14 I Will Always Love Poo (Whitney Houston)

Trudy Walker's favorite song

15 Poo for Whoever (The Beautiful South)
16 Poo In an Elevator (Aerosmith)
17 Supermassive Black Poo (Muse)
18 No Woman No Poo (Bob Marley)

No Sh--! 😆 - Billyv

19 Do I Wanna Poo? (Arctic Monkeys)
20 Should I Poo or Should I Go (The Clash)

LOL! So funny! - DynastiNoble

21 Blue Poo (Vanilla Ninja)

Smurf’s - Coreforce

22 Poo (Justin Bieber)

Here is the the lyric idea:
Poo poo poo oh
Like poo poo poo no
Like poo poo poo oh - andrewteel

23 Boulevard of Broken Poo (Green Day)
24 Can't Blame a Girl for Pooing! (Sabrina Carpenter)
25 Poo by the Ocean (DNCE)

It must be fish poo

26 I Knew You Were Poo (Taylor Swift)
27 Another Poo In the Wall (Pink Floyd)
28 Raining Poo (Slayer)
29 Love the Way You Poo (Eminem)
30 Hungry Like the Poo (Duran Duran)
31 Cliffs of Poo (Eric Johnson)
32 Poo Blood (Taylor Swift)
33 I'm Poo (Eminem)
34 Poo It Off (Taylor Swift)
35 Wildest Poo (Taylor Swift)
36 21 Poos (Green Day)
37 Poo of the Tiger (Survivor)
38 What Have You Poo? (Within Temptation)
39 Just the Poo You are (Bruno Mars)
40 Turn the Poo Around (Vicki Sue Robinson)
41 You Can Call Me Poo (Paul Simon)
42 Lean and Poo (Iheartmemphis)
43 The Poet and the Poo (Nightwish)
44 Poo Love Score (Nightwish)
45 Rebel Poo Song (Black Veil Brides)
46 Poo in the Dark (Within Temptation)
47 Songs of Love and Poo (Beyond the Black)
48 Ready, Set, Poo! (Tokio Hotel)
49 Welcome to the Poo Parade (My Chemical Romance)
50 Hit the Poo (Iheartmemphis)
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