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1 Starboy - The Weeknd

I just love how Abel dominated pop music with his previous record, and now with the whole world on him he goes back to his original style. I don't mean musically, because going from grunge R&B to pop to electronic is a huge switch-up, I mean his lyricism. BBTM had good lyrics and all, but it didn't offer nearly as much as this track does. Rhymes are on point, flow is on point, cleverness is on point, and that cocaine metaphor in the pre-chorus pulled it off more than CFMF wishes it did. Props to Daft Punk, too, for an awesome production. In general, Starboy is a big laugh in the face to everyone who tests him or tries to end him, because no matter if you're a hater or someone who adores him, you make him more famous. Look what you done! 8/10, amazing song, not roughly as beautiful as his trilogy mixtapes are, yet still worthy of a listen, exceptionally if you're a Weeknd fan like me. - yaygiants16

I feel sad because of the Weeknd's hair. Anyway, great song.

The Weeknd is always good with these songs. Screw anyone who says he sucks - Mcgillacuddy

Well, better than my horrible father - BounceBackHater

2 Blackstar - David Bowie

Just watch the video. David clearly knew death was coming, and he left us with a dark message about the enslavement of humankind. - PositronWildhawk

Probably the best of the year. The distinct production that mixes electronica, jazz, rock and orchestral elements is a one of a kind and sounds extremely unique, but it's Bowie who truly sells it. The lyrics about death and fame are well written and more poignant after his unfortunate passing, and he gives one of his best and most emotive vocal performances in his history, creating something that is both very sombre and very haunting. One of the best and most unique tracks in some time, this is arguably one of Bowie's finest and definitely one of 2016's finest too. RIP Bowie. - Mrveteran

This songs is totally one of David bowie's best songs yet. So heavy and haunting and the distinct production that mixes all sorts of genres such as rock, electronica, jazz and orchestral elements is totally one of a kind and sounds awesome and unique. The lyrics about his death and fame are well written, emotional and more poignant after his unfortunate passing out and is remarkably one of his best and most emotional vocal performances in history of all time. It also left us a dark message about the enslavement of humankind. RIP. David Bowie-2016 :'(

A truly haunting song. It not only captures what Bowie has done, but the legacy he plans to leave behind as he goes into stardom. What makes the song even more beautiful is the fact Bowie wrote it knowing he was going to die.

3 Heathens - Twenty One Pilots

I'm not a fanboy but I heard this song outta my crazy excitement bout Suicide Squad. And I'm not at all disappointed. This is cracking track worth falling for. - Ark-M

For me this song is worth much more than first place, because it is inspiring, energizing, positive and all the good a person remembered! So thank Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn song that was headed for the trailer which is recreated song for "Suicide Squad"! Twenty One Pilot - Heathens remember this song!

Good song. Twenty One Pilots were one of the few mainstream pop bands I could stomach this year, and this song is a good reason as to why. The mostly minimalist and slightly subtle approach of the verses definitely create a strong atmosphere and provide a good build up to an entertaining chorus, and on the whole is very memorable. - Mrveteran

Sick and who doesn't agree doesn't know about good music

4 24k Magic - Bruno Mars

I like how Bruno is switching it up this time. This reminds me very much of Daft Punk with the funk, synths, and vocoders and it's an all around fun song. Better than Uptown Funk in my opinion

This song is audio perfection, I don't care what people say, literally evrything about this song is amazing. The beat brings back those 80s vibes, bruno is an utter joy to listen too, and the chorus is so catchy I find myself humming it hours later - kardinaleb

Totally an improvement from Uptown Funk. The beat of 24K Magic is cooler than Uptown Funk, even though it's kind of old-fashioned. But I guess Bruno has his unique ways which actually make most of his songs better.

I'm a fan of Bruno Mars whatever the song is old or new.
I really love this song.
His older songs are good but his newer are better.

5 Don't Let Me Down - The Chainsmokers

Look... I seriosuly, SERIOUSLY hate to be that guy but... is this a joke? The drop literally sounds like a high pitched fart, I can take Closer getting this spot but... This? Seriously? - Pato_cargo

I love this song, but for some reason while I was listening to it I was reading a book, so I always associate the book with the song.

6/5: An emotional song, with a great everything - ProPanda

I'm still waiting for the new metallica album to blow this list away. Speaking of which where is Hardwired on this list?

6 Hardwired - Metallica

It's time to realize songs won't turn good just because they are by Metallica. While this song might be refreshing after radio pop hits of the same year, it doesn't change the fact that it isn't any different from any generic thrash or hardcore song out there. Sorry but you can hardly find good music this decade without searching. These bandwagoning voters write "Metallica sucks after the 1980s, they sold out" about this song on the list of best Metallica song but praise it here - Alkadikce

Fantastic. Admittedly, it does come up very short in comparison to their earlier stuff, but on its own, this is a brilliant metal song. The intense production helps to create some of the best thrash metal the music scene has seen in years, and the vocals are very good. Despite some of the cringey lyrics, this is a great tune and one of the best of the year. It's also nice to know Metallica were one of the few established bands not to suck this year. - Mrveteran

Should be top 5 - vettel7

3 minutes of pure pain and destruction, will rattle you, one of betsllicas best thrash songs - lilrocketman

7 Daydreaming - Radiohead

1 million times better than Lukas Graham.

Very depressing song. From beginning until the end just straight up sadness.

They've done way better but this is better than anything on this list except maybe Burn The Witch

This was my pick for #1... it makes me happy to see this song this high on the list - Songsta41

8 Cheap Thrills - Sia

This song is amazing. Should be higher. - TheAlbinoWolf

Sia writing this song surprised me because I thought writers gonna do it instead of her but I stand corrected. 5/5 - Everything is perfect, the beat and the tempo is correct to fit in the song and also Sia's vocals are good enough to do a better pop song than Katy Perry. - Erinaliese

This song is incredibly bland. It isn't some avant-garde dance masterpiece, and the "I don't need money to have fun" narrative has been done multiple times before and all of them were better than this. - thisisastupidname

Such. A. Cute. Song. I love it so much!

9 Can't Stop the Feeling - Justin Timberlake

It's alright. 6/10. - Catacorn

This song got stuck in my head. I believe that this is going to be the song of the summer. - ethanmeinster

18?! Come on! Put this higher! This and "Just Like Fire" are the best of 2016!

I love this song! This is the best song that Justin Timberlake sings.

10 Distant Sky - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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? Hollow - Breaking Benjamin
? The Shooting Star - Gojira

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11 Ride - Twenty One Pilots

So many songs that are popular right now sound very similar to one another. I think people need to branch out and improve lyrics, as well as change musical and melodic trends. This song isn't one I love, but I think Twenty One Pilots doesn't fit themselves into the box this current time in music forces artists to go into. This song sounds different while still maintaining popularity, whether it be sung by ten-year-olds or teenagers.

Good song, though it's not from 2016. I don't think people realize how many songs that are currently popular took quite a while to do so, and were actually released last year. I mean, this song is only just getting poplular, and it was released like May of 2015, well over a year ago. - uofmfan1221

The same thing happened with Stressed Out, which came out in April 2015 and only started becoming popular around February/March 2016 from what I can remember. - allamassal

Memorized the rap part id die for you that's easy to say we have a list of people that we would take I can't type it all though

I listen to a lot of music but I had no idea who made this song. I thought it was one of those one time bands. Turns out, it's Twenty One Pilots. Anyways, LOVE this song!

12 Bang Bang - Green Day


Just missed it too. Vote this up if you want the return of quality in mainstream music.

I got addicted to this song, it is so good. Green Day came back with a very awesome song. This song is about the Orlando shooting.

They actually covered the jessie j song? - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

13 Sucker for Pain - Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons

Lil Wayne sounds the best he has in years. Also, Logic, everybody. Finally, it took forever for this guy to get on the hot 100.

Lil Wayne kills it in this song, his verse is not profane for a soundtrack song, and doesn't distance himself from his roots by staying with that Hip-Hop style. Wayne absolutely delivered an astonishing performance in this song, nobody can doubt that, & Dan Reynolds vocal performance was great, alongside the acts like TY$ & Logic who both also had great verses. The only exception I make with this song is how garbage Wiz Khalifa's verse was.

The Suicide squad album was amazing, as matter of fact some may say the soundtrack was the best part about the whole movie, and in my opinion it was. However this song is one of my favorites from the album (beside Eminem) all there parts were well done, but in my opinion I could do without Lil Wayne's part, but it is indeed some of his better work. all in all I say this is the best song of whatever genre it is (because I have no idea what to group it in) and in my review, I'd give it 4.5 out of 5

I like this song. It's AWESOME!

14 Just Like Fire - P!nk

One of my favorites, all in all an awesome song! Pink's voice is so powerful and everything is absolutely perfect. Although I'm not to keen on the Alice franchise, I'm in love with this song

What a perfect song for a good movie. Hopefully Alice Through The Looking Glass becomes a cult classic, but this song was a hit from the beginning. I wish they would release White Rabbit from Pink but damn was this such a fun song.

I actually liked this song, except for that "We came here to RALEIGH" part (I don't actually know what she says but that's what I hear). This is better than What About Us to be honest. 7/10 - allamassal

P! nk continues to shrink on me over time, but this has always been an awful song. 4/10 - DCfnaf

15 Sound of Silence - Disturbed

It may sound cool on first listen, but go an listen to the original and you'll see this cover is ridiculous, and not in a good way. The bombast with which this is sung is completely unnecessary. These are already some of the greatest lyrics ever written, so why sing it like you need to make it big and awesome when it achieves this by just being sung in a much more simple way? Simon and Garfunkel sing this in a soft and subtle way that is much more characteristic of the actual meaning of the song. In this cover, the songs best lyrics, "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls," are screamed at the top of the singer's lungs! This cover is the equivalent of walking up to someone and screaming "YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY EXPRESS YOUR THOUGHTS INSTEAD OF KEEPING QUIET AND WATCHING THE NEWS! ALSO READ THE GRAFFITI ON THE WALLS! " No subtly whatsoever. So yeah, this cover is god awful.

I think that a good cover should be something that sounds different from the original, because it conveys it in a new way. I thought their rendition was really solid, and overall quite powerful. - MasonOcker

Not one comment? Wow, people really don't know good music anymore. Even though this song is a cover, Disturbed sets a perfect mood for this song and backs it up with incredible monotone vocals. This is one of the best songs of 2016. Should be in the top ten.

I'm getting kind of sick of music acts manufactured to appeal to angsty teens who think what they listen to is "good" and "real" music. This is perhaps the worst song they've released that isn't original to them in any way, shape or form. Disturbed took what was already a great song complete with the perfect amount of atmosphere and emotion and made it collapse so that they could be able to express the "pain" they were feeling. I'll take the soft vocals sung in the original over the raspy unpleasant ones screamed in this cover. - SwagFlicks

beautiful, I don't care about the year it came out, this song is beautiful

16 7 Years - Lukas Graham

Just further shows that people are too narrow minded to listen to anything that isn't on the radio every 5 seconds. This song sounds exactly like every other pop song right now: slow, boring, and attempting to be insightful. And is it just me or do the lyrics in this song make no sense? Nobody's looking for a wife at age 11. This isn't Game of Thrones. And I know people like to argue that "this song is sad" and "he went through hard times," but honestly, it's a bit old at this point. I get he had a hard life, but it's the same damn story we've heard 200 times from tons of other singers. If you like this song, awesome. You've done something I couldn't do to save my life. I'm just saying that this song doesn't really offer anything new, and that it definitely isn't the best song of 2016. - AngryByrd

Either these people are purely idiotic for thinking that lyrics about drinking and smoking or they're just trolling - StarlightSpanks

How am I the only one who finds this song atrocious? This song makes me want to go to Lukas, and slap him in the face. This song is just bad. The lyrics, which are not about his father (seriously look up the lyrics, it only mentions his father like 3 times) are bad. The instrumentation is decent but boring. Also Lukas sounds whiny and pretentious. This song does make want to how lousy pop music has become.

No, Lots of people on the top tens hate it now because it's not wise to smoke and drink at 11 - AlphaQ

This song is really deep and good, I DON'T CARE IF YOU GUYS SAY THIS IS WORST SONG! If you listen carefully that was his memory song with her father and he always listen what a father says to him. Who care with liquor and herb, he just tell the truth, maybe father just joke to him. Like my father always make it fun to marry me at 5 years old... and Why so serious? that was not happened at all lol.. and overall this song about depression losing her father and thinking all of memory.

This is just boring and the lyrics are STUPID. Drinking and smoking at 11 is WRONG Lukas. I never did that stuff and I'm 14. I didn't Think this was the best and thought It was one of the worst. 1/5. It's just plain bad - AlphaQ

17 Spit Out the Bone - Metallica

Should be top 10 - vettel7

Reminds me of original Metallica - lilrocketman

How Just Like Fire and many other shmuck are above this modern masterpiece is beyond me. This song is awesome and Metallica's newest album is just terrific. This is the best song of 2016 and one of my favorites of the decade. - PhoenixAura81

"Come unto me, and you will feel perfection" - This song's lyric sums up the awesomeness of this song! Listen to this one, and you will hear just how good it is. Anyways, this should be back on the top 10, being number 6 or 5.

18 Ain't It Funny - Danny Brown

I was glad to see it here

19 Ultralight Beam - Kanye West

Amazing and inspirational song.

It's Kanye west what do any of us expect from him

Yo this is #4. Can we get this like a lot higher? - ProPanda

I love how Kanye switched it up this time with gospel vibes and threw in killer vocals and Chance the Rapper, Kirk Franklin... hot damn Kanye did a fantastic job with this track.
6/5 - Mcgillacuddy

20 Rise - Katy Perry

I will always be a Little Monster, but this song is so powerful! I sang it for my school's talent show! - PandasNGaga

This song sounds somewhat bland. - madoog

This coming from the person who liked Needed Me, Anaconda, and other terrible mainstream songs. - Hotheart123

I love this song but this is totally not what song I expected sorry but I kinda like it yeah

I wasn't really a fan when I first heard it, but it grew on me. - JustAnotherAccount

21 Dystopia - Megadeth

Kiko Loureiro killed it in this song. Love it.

I mean, Megadeth is a great band, but that's like almost 90% of this list. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The riff in the beginning is to die for, and so is the entire song. I am also so glad that metal finally where it belongs: the top of the charts. - LostDream258

Great song! Metal has managed to survive throughout the years despite never getting mainstream attention. This song is a testament to what Megadeth can do. - Bastiodon

22 Roses - The Chainsmokers

This one is the Chainsmokers best song ever.

It's undeniable, this song is played on almost radio station I know and its one of the songs that put the Chainsmokers on the map. That's my opinion.

It was made in 2015 but it's still awesome! - pcn

Take it slow but this song's not typical, it's way better than the other songs.

23 Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga

I absolutely love this song! While Million Reasons receives my vote, this song is great in different reasons. It is upbeat and very fun! - PandasNGaga

This song is awesome and Lady Gaga is still excellent as always. - PhoenixAura81

This song isn't a perfect illusion, it's a perfect comeback (if you don't count Mike Posner's I Took A Pill In Ibiza).

The guitar riff at the start tells you right away that this song is going to be amazing. Add that with the disco feel to this song, and we get a sound that is unique to 2016, which is full of sad ballads (that usually don't work).

And there is Lady Gaga's voice. I'll tell you now that this is possibly her second best vocal performance, only being beaten by Til It Happens To You. The power in her voice, along with the emotion and raw energy Gaga brings out is just pure, and thankfully, no autotune.


All the hype around Lady Gaga's newest song gave me excitement and it was worth it.
All the so called Little Monsters who were bashing on the new songs must not heard You and I. Lady Gaga is reforming to a clean side in her own growing to same to singers such as Kesha, Katy Perry and Beyonce (in a sort of way, during the Sasha Fierce area of her side). The guitar riff is weakly acclaimed in a 3/5 area in my point. Gaga's vocals are that supposed to be so great. Let us now support her for Joanne. - ArigatoKawaii

24 The Sound - The 1975

Only at 100? This is the best song I've heard all year! Really catchy chorus, energetic vocals, punchy beat, and an all-around happy and joyful vibe! Why Work and One Dance are above this, I don't know.

This is a good song...9/10? That seems about right.

How does one dislike this? - ProPanda

This song got the best music

25 Burn the Witch - Radiohead

Stupid chainsmokers are higher than this?

It's sad that it's only #30, it have great undescribable atmosphere

This is below such crap as panda and most other songs above it?

This song definitely deserves to be in the top 10. - ThePwoperMuser101

26 Panda - Desiigner

I hate this song with a burning passion. - Catacorn

This song was over hyped when I was in sixth grade because kids in school loved it while I hate it. - PhoenixAura81

This song is so dumb, it's actually kind of hilarious. Hilariously awful, if you will. It's so bad, I laugh every time I see some white kid dancing to it because my god, do they look so stupid.

This is the best song of the year!

27 I Took a Pill in Ibiza - Mike Posner

Would you believe there are some people that don't like this song? How could you not? - Spark_Of_Life

Ibiza is the best island ever... This song reminds me of it!

The beat is pretty good - VideoGamefan5

It has a pretty good hook and lyrics. The fact that he plays off the fact that he was a one hit wonder is pretty great too.

28 The Ballad of the Costa Concordia - Car Seat Headrest

Seeing this in the top 30 makes me happy. - ProPanda

29 Girl in Amber - Nick Cave
30 Pillowtalk - Zayn

For a song that tries to be sexy, it couldn't be further. I've listened to enough Nine Inch Nails and Stabbing Westward to know what sexy sounds like, and this isn't it. First off Zayn, you're a former member of a talentless group of British pretty boys whose fan base consists entirely of brain-dead menstrual teenage girls. Trying to sound sexy is beyond you. Second, even if you were to ignore your history, this song is so generic it's not even funny. Maybe if you were to come out and say that this whole solo career is just a joke, and that you're trying to make fun of the abundance of other pop stars who have done the same thing as you, I would have tons of respect for you. But as it stands, you're a sellout, leaving a sellout band to make sellout songs under a sellout image. - AngryByrd

Truly terrible song. - SomewhereInLondon

This song is so good

Zayn Malik made a good choice when he left One Direction, so he could make this sexy song that's not afraid to cross the boundary. The lyrics hit you on a spiritual level, as he describes "the pain and the pleasure" of his sex life. But there's one thing that makes this whole song up as a whole: the beat. Pillowtalk could not function without that amazing beat. Vocal ability? Check. Lovely lyrics? Check. Awesome instrumental? Check. Take one listen to this, and you will know the "dirty and raw" truth about Zayn Malik. - yaygiants16

31 Don't Hurt Yourself - Beyonce

Beyonce sucks. She always did since the end of Destiny's Child. - keyson

Beyonce Spears - GOAT

Beyonce sucks. - olliv

This is what happen if you mess with the beyhive!

32 Death of a Bachelor - Panic! at the Disco

This song is DEFINITELY the best one all year. Its Brendon Urie at his best and amazing. This song should be at number one, and all the other ones on this album should be on here too!

I like this song, but really, this whole album is amazing. 10/10. - saturatedsunrise

While not my favorite from the album (Crazy = Genius all the way), it's still good and much better than stuff like NO, or 7 years, etc.

Reminds me of Hotline Bling which is horrendous song by one of my favorite rappers. This is thankfully better. 2/5. Hotline Bling is still a 0.5/5. - AlphaQ

33 All My Friends - Snakehips

This and so many other non top 40 songs on this list are actually very excellent. In some cases fresh and damn good as some one has stated below. Does anyone really listen to the samples and then go find the entire songs and listen. Most are great and I end up liking them better than the mainstream top 40 stuff. Do some justice and listen to other songs you might find one you like that's not overheard.

You wanna know what's worse. This could have been a Billboard Hit, it barely missed the hot 100 with a #6 peak on Bubbling Under. Why didn't it chart? Cause the week this was closest, DRAKE decided to have his garbage album take over the charts blocking better songs like Colors, Pity Party, and this from being hits. - ProPanda

Considering chance the rapper just released a new album, I'm really hoping this song will get the boost it needs to reach the hot 100 because this song is amazing. One of the best of the year. The best part is the chorus. 9/10. Please America, let this be a hit instead of crap like NO, Work from home, and 7 years.

I can't believe this never cracked the hot 100. Why America? You let Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth have hits but not this? I give up on humanity. That chorus is so amazing I just can't believe it hasn't even touched the US charts yet. 8.5/10

34 L.A. Girlz - Weezer

This song deserves, and demands to be in the top ten. The powerful verses and Chorus really shows an amazing throwback to the 90s. It's one of Weezers best songs in my opinion. Also, that solo... Rivers is one talented songwriter, it's just an amazing solo, one of his bests. This is one amazing Ballad of a song, and it's very powerful and catchy, and just SO good. The rest of the album is also just superb. I really hope this song gets higher soon, it deserves it.

Definitely deserves to be in the top ten - caseyk1218

35 Into You - Ariana Grande

Why on earth the song isn't on the Top 20? I mean, it has an awesome beat, great vocals and good lyrics. Why people are paying her dust? It should be higher. Same with Dangerous Woman (song)

Why tf is that just like fire trash higher. I know that I used to despise Ariana but I now love her and the beat was flawless in this one. and just like fire should be burned in actual fire because the hype for that song and the song itself is so annoying that it should be burned in ACTUAL fire.In fact, I'd rather listen to baby by JB than that. Ik it's 2019 now but still.

I can't stop listening to this song. The melody, the vocals, it's so catchy. Certainly the best song of the year so far

This song is really good. I like it

36 Million Reasons - Lady Gaga

An amazing song by her. One of my favorites! - PandasNGaga

I Really Liked This, 5/5 - VideoGamefan5

Seen her on Saturday Night Live. Her voice is superb.

I'm glad this song is a hit - FalcoLombardi99

37 Folklore - Big Big Train

A lovely song. Give it a chance.

38 Girl Loves Me - David Bowie

It's a great song, definitely. But top 20? I think it shouldn't be that high, especially above I Feel It Coming and Nikes. - Satire

39 Tears of a Nation - Saor
40 History - One Direction

I love one direction but at the end when they do a hug I always cry harry is so cute/hot

I love one direction but louis tomlinson is most handsomest

Dumb Direction should seriously stop. All of you are stupid 11 year old girls.

Eww. Sorry, I do not like this song. Bad beat, annoying, terrible voices. 0/10.

41 Lazarus - David Bowie

The only reason Blackstar made my best list and this didn't, beyond me preferring Blackstar, is that having a list of just David Bowie songs would be redundant. - WonkeyDude98

Oh...oh my god. This is beautiful. I cried watching the video. This is so emotional, and I love it. R.I.P David Bowie, a true rockstar.

By far the most emotion packed into a song this year. R.I.P David Bowie.

This song is so important
it needs to go to no. 1 - 16_and_savaged

42 Shut Up Kiss Me - Angel Olsen
43 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift

I have to admit, this song was a guilty pleasure of mine. 7/10 - allamassal

Why Is This Trash So High? , Besides Its From 2017 - VideoGamefan5

Before I heard this song I thought taylor retired. She was supposed to release an album this fall. She didn't. At least she has this song - helloitsme

I got bored of this song real quick but Zayn is better than the entire 1D combined - LightningBlade

44 Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

There is something about this song. - madoog

I'm allowed to prefer Disturbed and David Bowie over Ariana Grande and 5 Seconds of Summer. Yeah, I just said it.

Really only the chorus is good, but sadly, this year that's all its taking to be good.

Only the chorus? What about her vocals? The production and instrumentation? This song is so so good. - Johnny1248

Should be a bit higher, since it is very good!

45 One Dance - Drake

This is one of the most insufferable things to hit the radio this year. I hear it come on and my ears start ringing just to block out the noise. "Hotline Bling" at least had a catchy beat even with the nonsense lyrics. This has absolutely nothing going for it. I can't even decipher what he's saying and I'd rather not find out. I honestly hate this song more than "Let It Go" and I didn't think that was possible. 0/5 - theOpinionatedOne

One of Drake's best to be honest. He actually has some life in his voice and the beat is pretty good.

This isn't an OK song but it was a bit dull.

Besides it doesn't F swerve to be #1 for 10 bloody weeks! If a #1 hit song that should have stayed long it's Panda. It was only there for 2 weeks. Honestly why is Panda bad? It's great.

Yea and besides if anyone here thinks the #1 hits aren't so excellent this year I kinda agree. Some were good like Panda and Black Beatles and some were bad like Closer and maybe Love Yourself.

But this song is kinda boring now so it doesn't deserve a 5/5 or 4/5

I would give it a 3/5 - AlphaQ

Looks like Drake have come back with his new single One Dance that totally same like Hotline Bling. Well this song is one of annoying song that I heard on 2016. Overplayed, Terrible lyrics and one more thing no music video.

46 Feel Invincible - Skillet


Perhaps num1...but they don't want understand

47 In the Night - The Weeknd

5/5: Great production and deep story - ProPanda

HUH? I expected this to be a lot higher. Not like drunk high you know what I'm talking bout. Well #774 is kinda low since Everyone I know likes this song. I also like it as well and it was brought out pretty well. Not tryna be bias to The Weeknd but his songs are always great. 5/5 - AlphaQ

I really like this song. The beat and melody are amazing, and the lyrics tell a great story. 9.5/10 - allamassal

4/5 pretty good song - TopTenListmaker

48 Middle - DJ Snake

It will be summer hit one day.

Despite the nostalgic tone of the song, I can't say in any language how powerful the drop, the lyrics, and the synth chorus appeals to me. This made me a fan of DJ Snake - Neonco31

With you in the middle

Middle is good. - madoog

49 This is What You Came for - Calvin Harris

It was annoying that this song was overplayed, and I like it. This Is What You Came For is good --- something 2016 needed. - madoog

Should be hiiigheer
Love it when Rihanna sing a song
And please Calvin Harris is my favourite djj!

This song is pretty good. - Powerfulgirl10

People hate on some songs just because it's overplayed, I mean, WHAT? - EastZombie

50 Emperors New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco

You should see the video the more demon he turned into the more rocking the song gets and the more intense he gets

Favorite music video

This doesn't have any actual meaning other than that Beebo is secretly Satan, but I really really like it. - AnonymousChick

The most epic song

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