Best Songs on the Arctic Monkeys' AM

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1 R U Mine?

"She's a silver lining, lone ranger riding through an open space in my mind when she's not right there beside me..."
This song is just perfect.

Good song but nothing compared to any of the songs on their first album

The opening is amazing, those rolling lyrics are just pure

Satisfaction feels like a distant memory

2 Do I Wanna Know?

I love it so much! The beat and lyrics are brilliant

Bluesy as hell and a great song to smoke weed to.

It makes me think of someone...


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3 Arabella

The best song by Monkeys, the best on AM and the best lyrics for sure!

I'm in love with this song to be honest

Best song, hands down!

Arabella > Do I Wanna Know

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4 Knee Socks

This song is really Catchy and I just love it!

I love it. I love everything the lyrics especially its creative.

The best song in the album, with a catchy tune

Beautiful lyrics.
When the zeros line up on the twenty four hour clock, when you know who's calling even though the number is blocked..

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5 No. 1 Party Anthem

So underrated, but the sound is so amazing and vintage, the lyrics beautiful, I love it.

It makes me want to listen to it over and over

Should have been the top

6 Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

This should be number 3

7 Snap Out of It

This ones so catchy!

I love the video and the lyrics.

For me;
1. Snap Out Of It
2. Do I Wanna Know
3. Why'd you only call me when You're high
4. Knee Socks
5. R you Mine
6. Arabella
7. No. 1 Party Anthem
8. Fireside
9. I wanna be Yours
10. One for the Road
11. I want it All
12. Mad Sounds

8 I Wanna Be Yours

It's just so chill.

This should be at least in the top 3. come on!

It's so cute. I'm in love with the song

I love this song so much!

9 Fireside

Why so low? Its great! - Slipperyjack40

10 One for the Road

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11 Mad Sounds

It's nice!

12 I Want It All

I love the lyrics

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1. Arabella
2. Knee Socks
3. I Wanna Be Yours
1. No. 1 Party Anthem
2. Do I Wanna Know?
3. Snap Out of It
1. Do I Wanna Know?
2. R U Mine?
3. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

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