Top Ten Best Songs On Beatles Live at the BBC


The Top Ten

1 I Saw Her Standing There

This song is very good for teenagers.

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2 I Feel Fine UListen to Sample
3 Ticket to Ride UListen to Sample
4 Love Me Do UListen to Sample
5 I'll Be On My Way UListen to Sample
6 Can't Buy Me Love UListen to Sample
7 A Hard Days Night UListen to Sample
8 Things We Said Today UListen to Sample
9 Till There Was You UListen to Sample
10 Baby It's You UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Some Other Guy

It's got the best overall fidelity of their recordings of the song. I think it would have been a good fit on one of the first two albums. - Gg2000

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12 Nothin' Shakin'

Originally by 50s rocker Eddie Fontaine. I think this song is kinda underrated. - Gg2000

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13 To Know Her is to Love Her

A gender-flipped cover of a song by The Teddy Bears, which was originally written by a young Phil Spector. It's a lovely-sounding ballad. - Gg2000

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14 The Hippy Hippy Shake

The Fabs used to play this song a lot in their early days. A group called The Swinging Blue Jeans took notice and recorded their own version; it became the Blue Jeans' biggest hit. - Gg2000

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15 Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

Originally by Little Eva- it was her follow-up to "The Locomotion". I read in the Anthology a quote from George basically saying that it was one of those songs that they learned and only performed a handful of times because they got bored with it. - Gg2000

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16 Ooh! My Soul

A Little Richard cover. The song was (of course) sung by Paul McCartney, who did all of their Little Richard covers. - Gg2000

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17 I Got a Woman

Originally by Ray Charles; to me, however, it sounds more like they're imitating the Elvis Presley version. - Gg2000

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18 That's All Right (Mama)

Originally the first Elvis Presley single. I still prefer Elvis' version, but I think the Beatles version is pretty nice. George did a good job of covering the guitar solo. - Gg2000

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19 Sure to Fall (In Love with You)

Originally by Carl Perkins. I dig the harmonies on this cover. - Gg2000

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20 Honey Don't

This version is different than the Beatles for Sale version in that John sings the lead vocals rather than Ringo. - Gg2000

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1. I Saw Her Standing There
2. I Feel Fine
3. Ticket to Ride


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