Best Songs On Coldplay's Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is the sixth album by Coldplay. It will be released on May 16th, 2014. The track listing has been released, as well as two songs, Midnight and Magic.

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1 A Sky Full of Stars

This and Ink are my two favorites on the album. Amazing album. =)

This one is the best song of the album! I love Coldplay! Avicii's work was excelent here and it's a brilliant collaboration! Coldplay is so perfect for Avicii's style! - keyson

It's such a heavenly view!

2 Magic Magic

Magic is the most amazing song I have ever heard Chris martin is so great

A much better song than a sky full of stars.

Just Totally captivating!
Feel-Good Song!

3 Ink

This is SUCH an awesome song-I can listen to it in any of my moods-be it happy and romantic or sad and heartbroken, frustrated with your love life. Highly recommend!

Easily the catchiest song on the album. Can't stop listening

Great album. Every song is beautiful. Specially ink, o, always in my head. Better than the singles. For me their best album till date.

4 Midnight

When this song came out, I thought Coldplay was pulling a Kid A. That didn't end up happening, but it is a unique twist in the center of the album and definitely has the best lyrics.

Midnight is hauntingly beautiful, definitely recommend it.

Yeah, Ethan, 'Midnight' is certainly a beautiful song, I like it a lot. However, 'Magic' is not something special, in fact it is very common and boring. They should have advertised another song to its place, that's what I think... I'm looking forward to listen to the rest songs of the album though.

Beautiful album, with Midnight as it's centre piece. It's a beautiful and haunting track, with an equally chilling music video. This is easily my favourtie Coldplay song of all time. Other highlights on the album include Ink, Magic, Oceans, and O. I also love A Sky Full of Stars, while True Love is pretty damn good. Always in my head is alright, Another's Arms is ok. But Midnight easily takes the cake as the best song on this album. #leavealighton

5 True Love

Fell in love with this song in the very first time classic Chris

Very melodic and emotional. Great track!

It is the best song of this new album

"Tell me you love me, if you don't then lie, oh lie to me"
This is such a powerful song where Chris was giving away all the pain that he was feeling.

6 Always In My Head

Best song, boring intro but then after 20 seconds, your ears will be rewarded with a warm bass and warm sounds full of joy and hope

7 O

Beautiful song. The first song from Ghost Stories (besides magic) that I had ever heard. I was interested by the name of the song, so I looked it up and I was blown away. This song is just amazing, much more in a way than any other song on Ghost Stories.

O, or Fly On, is the most underrated Coldplay song I have ever heard, it is so beautiful and it deserves the number 1 spot in this list

This song has touched my soul

8 Another's Arms


My favorite

9 Oceans

Takes me into a trance, into a paradise that's too beautiful for words. My favourite song. Period. Coldplay or otherwise.

I love this song, the way Chris' voice is slow and melodic it just puts me in a trance and the lyrics are beautiful.

10 Ghost Story

I actually really grew to like this song. Coldplay didn't put it on the regular album which I think stinks. It is a very good song.

The title track is hauntingly beautiful, gives a psychedelic feeling. Pure Bliss!

Best song on the album. But it isn't on the actual album. What. - Aaronardo

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11 O (Reprise)

Am I the only person who finds this track to be a little creepy?

12 All Your Friends
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