Best Songs In Dio's Magica Album

The Top Ten

1 Fever Dreams
2 As Long As Its Not About Love

My arrangement:
1. As Long As It’s not about Love
2. Fever Dreams
3. Losing my Insanity
4. Feed My Head
5. Lord of the Last Day
6. Turn to Stone
7. Challis
8. Eriel
9. Magica (Reprise)
10. Otherworld

(In other words, as long as it’s not about love should be first)

3 Feed My Head
4 Losing My Insanity
5 Lord of the Last Day
6 Challis
7 Turn to Stone
8 Eriel
9 Otherworld
10 Lord of the Last Day (Reprise)

The Contenders

11 Magica Theme
12 Magica (Reprise)
13 Discovery
14 The Magica Story
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