Best Songs From Gojira's L'enfant Sauvage

The Top Ten Best Songs From Gojira's L'enfant Sauvage

1 L'Enfant Sauvage

Riffs & drums! that's called Metal!

This tittle track is very amazing it got rated by a site (actually I don, t remember) best 2012 song
Actually one of my favourites in 2012 - nooreldeen

2 The Gift of Guilt

Very underrated Gojira track actually should be released as a single - nooreldeen

3 Explosia

Best intro and outro ever!

4 The Axe
5 Liquid Fire

Its absolutely astonishing!

6 Born In Winter
7 Planned Obsolescence
8 Pain Is a Master
9 Mouth of Kala
10 The Fall

The Contenders

11 The Wild Healer

Amazing instrumental but saddly it is just 110 seconds
But still amazing instrumental - nooreldeen

12 This Emptiness
13 My Last Creation
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