Best Songs From Gojira's The Way Of All Flesh


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1 The Art of Dying The Art of Dying

Vacuity is not on the same scale as Art of Dying

An Epic Metal Masterpiece! - cjWriter1997

2 Oroborus
3 Vacuity
4 Toxic Garbage Island
5 Wolf Down the Earth
6 A Sight to Behold

Underrated song on the album. - cjWriter1997

7 The Way of All Flesh
8 Adoration for None
9 Esoteric Surgery
10 All the Tears

The Contenders

11 The Silver Cord
12 Yama's Messenger
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1. The Art of Dying
2. Vacuity
3. Toxic Garbage Island
1. The Art of Dying
2. Wolf Down the Earth
3. Oroborus
1. The Art of Dying
2. The Way of All Flesh
3. Oroborus

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