Best Songs from Haken's Vector

Vector is the fifth studio album by British progressive metal band Haken. It was released on 26 October 2018 through Inside Out Music.

The Top Ten

1 Veil

As with any Haken album, there is always one song in particular that can be described as their epic on the album. The song has a degree of heaviness to it in its riffs, which are quite hard hitting and powerful, which works very nicely with the grandiose feel the song also achieves. I enjoy the way it transitions between each section, slowly building in pace, until the inevitably immense climax. While not as great as some previous epics such as Crystallised or Visions, this is still an amazing song. - kempokid

Beat me to it. - cjWriter1997

I also happened to be incredibly hyped for this album. Sorry if you wanted to make the list - kempokid

2 Puzzle Box

I've only heard 2 albums, but this is my fave song so far. It's perfect.

The riffs throughout often have a somewhat djent inspired edge to them, reminding me heavily of Leprous and the way they structure many of their riffs. The song's structure and sound is quite odd, having no clearly discernible structure, with unique sections appearing fairly regularly, keeping the song from ever being close to becoming repetitive. Tone can go from somewhat eerie during a primarily electronic section, to almost harrowing once some aggression is implemented. - kempokid

3 Host

I really like the intro for the trumpet, which sounds quite good and sets the much more melancholy tone of the song. The emotion provided by the vocals is nothing short of stunning, and the way the song increases in intensity at the end is extremely well executed. - kempokid

4 Nil by Mouth

I find the strong influence of electronic music to be quite cool, with certain parts somewhat reminding me of breakcore, with its almost glitchy sounding electronic beats with the drumming occasionally following. The riffs in the song all flow into one another amazingly. I was initially surprised to hear an instrumental piece on this album, due to its shorter length, but it undoubtedly sounds excellent. - kempokid

Wow, just masterpiece!

Between this and Portals, Haken make some kickass instrumentals - cjWriter1997

5 The Good Doctor

An awesomely fast paced, energetic song, especially for Haken, who often focus more on mid tempo songs containing a more atmospheric, emotional songs. I love the way the chorus simply explodes each time it enters. While the song has a fairly simple structure, it just sounds utterly amazing all the way through. - kempokid

6 A Cell Divides

I really like the riffs in this song, all memorable and sounding extremely good. The vocals are of high quality, and the chorus is really catchy. The backing vocalisations add even more to the song, giving it a powerful feel, and adds some depth to it. - kempokid

7 Clear

A fairly atmospheric, dense intro with an overall sense of power to it. - kempokid