Top 10 Songs That Help You Sleep

A new list. I recommend you listening to these if you can't sleep. I'm talking to you keycha1n...

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1 Shades of Cool - Lana del Rey

With the guitar playing, Lana's voice, and the slow beat, this song is relaxing as a mothermugger and could help you sleep easily. - JaysTop10List

2 Masterpiece - Madonna

A calm and positive song to sleep to - JaysTop10List

3 Stay With Me - Sam Smith

It's a relaxing song. - JaysTop10List

4 Bless This Morning Year - Helios
5 Halo - Beyoncé

You could sleep in seconds to this - JaysTop10List

Ah, I love to sleep. - EpicJake

6 Three Hearts, Seven Seas, Twelve Moons - Gorillaz

Try out this track. You'll be surprised. - JaysTop10List

7 Fantasia - Electus
8 I Wanna Love You - Empire Cast

This song is pretty good and a very smooth R&B track. - JaysTop10List

9 Whispering Wind - Moby
10 Endless Falls - Loscil

The Contenders

11 O Green World - Gorillaz

Pretty relaxing with its electronic beats. - JaysTop10List

12 A Case for Shame - Moby
13 Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran

Pretty good sleeping song, Ed. - JaysTop10List

14 Zagan - Electus
15 Sordid Affair - Royksopp

Truly, an underrated masterpiece of 2014. And it is wonderfully stress-relieving and soporific. - PositronWildhawk

16 Wasted Time - Fear Club
17 The Sky Is Broken - Moby
18 Fly - Ciara

Although it may be upbeat, it has a good message and it might help you go to sleep. - JaysTop10List

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19 Hold On, We're Going Home - Drake

I want all of the rock fans to listen to this and to see that it's not about sex or drugs for once. - JaysTop10List

20 Fireflies - Owl City
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Top Remixes

1. Shades of Cool - Lana del Rey
2. Halo - Beyoncé
3. Masterpiece - Madonna
1. Shades of Cool - Lana del Rey
2. Halo - Beyoncé
3. Masterpiece - Madonna
1. Bless This Morning Year - Helios
2. Fantasia - Electus
3. Whispering Wind - Moby



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