Best Songs on Jackie Evancho's Awakening

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1 Ave Maria

I like this one.

Lots of votes on the top tens for best voices or best high notes for people like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Freddy Mercury and other icons of music. All well deserved. I've heard them all over a lifetime of following music. Try listening to this song by Jackie and crank up the volume. She is the best I ever heard by a lot.

I don't know what she ate the day she recorded this song, but whatever it was it worked. Her high notes in the middle of this song are the most beautiful sound I've ever heard. There are 3 words in the entire song yet I can listen to it over and over and still be astounded.


2 The Rains of Castamere

I love how her voice has this deep, dark and rich tone on this song!

3 Think of Me

My comment...

4 Take Me There

A great song.


5 Made to Dream

This is Jackie's own personal manifesto. Beautiful. - BobG

6 Memories

This was my favourite when I first listened to her album!

Reminds me of my friends who have died.

7 With or Without You


8 Your Love

I was at a gas station pumping gas and had my car door Open with your love song on Jackie's awakening album playing loudly. So everybody at all the gas pumps people heard wonderful song Your Love because I had my car door open with the music playing loud. Two men walking briskly to my car who I thought were going to complain about the music and I said I'll turn it off. They said no don't turn it off. that voice is amazing. They said let me see the case so I can see what the singer looks like and how to spell her name. They laughed and said that amazing adult voice can not come out of such a young child. I told him she was 13 when she made the song on the CD and it is Jackie Evancho. All the songs are terrific and recommended they buy several of her awakening CDs for their wife mom and dad grandma grandpa with I love you card. The only negative thing I can think of doing that is that you will wake up in the morning with a sore neck, from the people you gave the CDs and card as a gift ...more

9 Dormi Jesu

A too-rare example of Jackie's classical vocal perfection. More please!

10 Je T'aime

Passionately sung, Lara Fabian's song of heart-broken passion is in French and needs to be understood to be cherished. Please give us texts plus translations, Jackie!

The Contenders

11 Open Fields of Grace
12 Vocalise
13 My Immortal

This is on the Japan-only release of "Awakening" (13th track). If it's not cut, you'll see Jackie play the piano and perform it on the PBS Great Performances special late November/December 2014. It is a shame that it wasn't released on the U.S. version. - Trancas

Jackie begins this song at the piano, playing and singing beautifully, on the DVD of her THIRD [! ] PBS T.V. special. Sweet surprise, Jackie; your awesome playing goes great with your angelic singing

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