Best Songs From Lorde's Pure Heroine

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1 Team


2 Royals

Gotta say the reason why I feel for lorde, even though I liked more other songs from the album but to start it's really good, quite different song and the whole meaning thing it's cray.

And we'll never be royals...

3 Glory and Gore

This song is definitely the best... It is very underrated, but awesome! Just listen to thirty seconds of it! - EmperorAguila

Great music and very thought out lyrics. This song deserves to be above Royals and Tennis Court - dragonfly99

So nice

Agreed with the comment above me when I say this song kicks ass!
Lets go down to the tennis court and talk it out like yeah *yeah! *

4 Tennis Court

I think it's the best opener an album can have! I can relate to the lyrics (Don't you think that it's boring how people talk? ) and I love the beat and the "yeahs". You're amazing, Lorde!

5 Buzzcut Season
6 Ribs

Ribs perfectly captures the fear of growing old while being in love. Lyrically and sonically it's the best song in Lordes entire discography and deserves more votes and recognition! The songs above are overrated

I feel like I'm gunna heard it in 20 years from today and it'll make me feel like an insecure teenage again.

7 400 Lux
8 White Teeth Teens
9 A World Alone

This song should be number 1! The lyrics are very deep and the melody + backing instruments are fabulous. VOTE!

Raise your glass because I'm not done saying it

This should be number1! - PrehistoricAztec

10 Still Sane

Still sane is so underrated

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11 Bravado
12 Million Dollar Bills
13 The Love Club

Easy best one of the album. The way it's construct just awesome.

14 No Better
15 Swingin Party
16 Biting Down
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