Best Songs From Machine Head's The Blackening


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1 Halo

Is there any doubt that this would be number 1 this song is a Groove Metal masterpiece - christangrant

2 A Farewell to Arms

This and Halo are 2 of the best metal songs of the 21st century!

Have to go with this one. tough choice between helo and aesthetics though

3 Aesthetics of Hate

This is my favorite groove metal album of all time ( sorry vulgar ) and probaly my favorite album of all time.
My list is:
8. Wolves - I hate putting a 9 min. Masterpiece at 8 but its still kicks ass thelyrics the riffs and robs vocals its still one of my favorite MFH songs
7. Slanderous - the lyrics made me laugh so hard when I first listen to it it was unreal. Amazing
6. Beautiful Morning - the f you all in the beginning was badass and the rest was very heavy and beautiful
5. Now I Lay the Down - the riff is the kickass part of this song its amazing
4. Aestheics Of Hate - my favorite riff by the band. It sounds similar to a7x unholy confessions but it still kick ass and its about a jackass who called dimebag a untalent loser. It pissed robb off and probaly everyone else too. R.I.P. dime
3. Halo - the most loved MFH song but my third favorite. Its kinda progressive which makes it kick ass and the chorus is catchy.
2. Clenching The Fist aof Dissent - the badass ...more

The words I read on the screen left me sick
I felt the hatred rising you son of a bitch
You branded us pathetic for our respect
But he made us driven
Suck deep reverance
Far beyound the rest

4 Beautiful Mourning
5 Clenching the Fists of Dissent

Badass riff after a badass riff with badass lyrics about a badass war

6 Now I Lay Thee Down

The problem with an album like this is most of the songs deserve the No. 1 spot

1 Halo
2 Now I Lay the Down
3 Aesthetics of Hate
4 Beautiful Mourning
5 Farewell to Arms
6 Wolves
7 Clenching
8 Slanderous

7 Wolves
8 Slanderous

This song is ausome I think the reason people don't like it is because the lyrics I think its funny this should be higher on the list

9 Hallowed Be Thy Name

This is a amzing Iron Maiden Cover - christangrant

10 Battery
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1. Halo
2. A Farewell to Arms
3. Aesthetics of Hate
1. Halo
2. A Farewell to Arms
3. Clenching the Fists of Dissent
1. Aesthetics of Hate
2. Beautiful Mourning
3. Clenching the Fists of Dissent

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