Best Songs on Metallica's Hardwired... to Self Destruct


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1 Spit Out the Bone

Killer, killer, killer riffs! Damn isn't this the most hardcore, raging song from Hardwired To Self Destruct. I can feel my blood pumping fast each time I hear this song. Kirk and Robert Trujillo have done amazingly well and this song is easily Metallica's all time top 10. - SteveKing

Absolutely their best song on the record. No doubt this takes you back to their Kill Em All/Puppets days. Kirk does two solos on this song and that just absolutely blows my mind, and to top it off Hetfield's vocals on the song make me feel like I could fly.

Loved the song as soon as I heard the riffs at the beginning of the song.

My favorite Metallica song since anything from their 1988 "...And Justice for All" album

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2 Moth Into Flame

This song is a lot better than Hardwired in my opinion, but both are amazing. Yet I don't know why this list was created so soon, only 2 songs have been released. - Kytotoxic

This song is amazing. - Brobusky

I Love The Drums To The Song! - VideoGamefan5

If this song had been realsed in the 80s today it would be a classic

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3 Halo on Fire

The Last part of this song (which includes the epic solo), is one of the best things Metallica has made in a very very long time... - Kaustab

This is the closest thing the album has to a ballad, and it's awesome.

This song should be next to Spit Out The Bone in my opinion.

Other than Outlaw Torm and Fixxxer, this has pretty much has the greatest outro they've ever done. - MetallicaForever

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4 Atlas, Rise

This song is so awesome! - Metalthomas

Best Metallica song in years in my opinion

Outstanding... The chorus is killer and the harmony iron maidenish part is amazing

5 Hardwired

Why are you making this list and another for Korn's The Serenity Of Suffering, even they neither of them came out yet? - NikBrusk

This song reminds me of My Apocalypse from Death Magnetic. - IronSabbathPriest

It's their best song should be number 1

Best song ever! - Metalthomas

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6 Dream No More

Reminds me of Sad But True and The Thing That Should not be

7 Now that We're Dead

I've listened to this song a lot. The solos are badass and Lars has done a great job with the drums. I love the chorus! "Now that we're dead, my dear. We can be together. Now that we're dead, my dear. We can live forever" - Zizz

This is the best song on the album, followed by Spit Out The Bone

8 Here Comes Revenge

This album has some amazing songs like moth, spit, hardwired, atlas and halo, however this is a real grower and should be higher than its current position.

How is this only 10? The riffs are some of the best on the album and the verse lyrics are so dark and sinister. This should at least be 6th!

Sounds like a song from Megadeth's Countdown to Extinction, except James Hetfield collaborated with the band and he ends up singing.

9 Confusion

Amazing album...Confusion could be one of those underrated songs,

This should be a lot higher. Well done Metallica

This should be top 5 at the very least

It can easily be top 5

10 Murder One

The verse is so catchy. One crown, shines on through the sound one crown steady on. One man does not give a damn, one man no excuse. - FFDP

Somewhat like Megadeth's Captive Honour but without the court of the king (not crimson king).

A great song. Should be higher. Best of the album!

My 3rd-4th favourite of the album

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11 Am I Savage?

I love all the rhythm changes and in some way to say the complexity of the song fulfilled with the guitar. Is a really great song so as well a great album.

The riff around 4:18 is the heaviest and most brutal Metallica riff I have heard in a long time.

12 Lords of Summer

I hope this goes higher up on the list because it really is one of the best in my opinion, I think they improved massively upon the original back in 2014 and James' vocals are the best on the album here - Derrick_Fox

A real 'classic'. It's on the deluxe edition. genius song!

13 Manunkind

A tribute to the black metal band Mayhem or should I say, a tribute of disappointment. The lyrics "Blind leads Blind" will tell you enough. Faith in ManUNkind is way to describe Mayhem's deep belief in their opposite way of looking at life. - SytachiRed

This song is way underrated. As for people saying it's a black metal tribute, what are you saying? Why because the video? Great song

I can't stop listening to it

14 Now that We're Dead - Metallica
15 Remember Tomorrow

Awesome cover

16 Ronnie Rising Medley
17 When a Blind Man Cries

Not a actual song on the album, but this cover is starts slow but gets heavier near the end. That's why I like this song cover. - Mumbizz01

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