TheWriter Does a Track Review: Hardwired by Metallica

Disclaimer: The following post is full of opinions. If you are easily offended please be careful for opinions are only opinions.

You have been warned!

Damn Metallica! Back at it again with the new thrash song....I'll see my way out.

Hello everyone. CjWriter1997 here and with a short different kind of review known as the Track Review. Today's special track is the recently released song Hardwired by Legendary Thrash Metal band Metallica! Let's begin.

Being only close to 3 minutes, Metallica released a new song after a lack of new ones since Lulu. The song features Thrash metal elements similar to stuff of their previous works with a little bit of Death Magnetic. Production was actually real clean this time around. It's also very fast-paced. Some moments of songs like My Apocalypse, Damage Inc and All Nightmare Long are very much present in this song.

My overall feelings of the song? I feel that it's another song where Metallica tried to go back to their older style. And quite frankly, it somehow works with this one. I just wish the song was longer and maybe a bit more unique than what is now. As for the lyrics, I find them okay. Typical thrash lyrics if you ask me.

So far I'm excited for the new album. I'm not super hyped up but I am excited to see what they have in store.


Let me know what you think of the new song by Metallica. And have a good day! - cjWriter1997

The song is better than average. - visitor