Best Songs from Niall Horan's Heartbreak Weather

Niall Horan is seriously showing improvement from his old self in this solo career. I managed listening to all 14 songs (plus the two bonus ones which apparently weren’t official releases but still) and you can vote for which one is your favorite.

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Nice to Meet Ya Nice to Meet Ya Cover Art

It’s pretty good. A big improvement the most popular song on his last album slow hands.

NTMY is the most popular song from the track and honestly while I don’t think it’s the best I can understand what got it so popular. just a really well produced song with an amazing solo on the chorus with a synth that actually doesn't annoy or bother me for once. The singing is very rich and unique with a very impressive vocal range. The lyrics and meaning are also well written. - Bammer73

Arms Of A Stranger Arms Of A Stranger Cover Art

NOTE: I’ll be grading each song and will signal when a new score comes along. We’re starting with perfection tier (10/10), which is already this song.
Dang... this song. Why is not that popular? It should be. It’s a very meaningful song about how looking at your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend is like and how you were left with nothing from them. I like the way of how it executes the message and how the pain of what this song builds up is very strong in this. Anyway, it has a powerful, catchy beat that gets you moving and you cannot even hear autotune in Niall’s richness voice on this track. This is nearly GOAT tier. - Bammer73

No Judgement No Judgement Cover Art

NOTE: This is where it moves from perfect tier (10/10) to fantastic tier (9/10).
No Judgement is showing Niall can sing maturely now that he's 26. The beat on this is very relaxing and uniquely made (it's not just 2 damn notes repeated over and over and over again). Also you can see that you are never really alone and don't need judgement to see that thanks to this song. - Bammer73

Everywhere Everywhere Cover Art

NOTE: This is where it moves from fantastic tier (9/10) to great tier (8/10).
You see, this is one of the songs that have more meaning. About how hard it is to avoid people that are into you. The metaphors fit the song well and the production between the beat, melody and vocals sound very well together which produces into a song that can give one emotion. - Bammer73

Dear Patience Dear Patience Cover Art

This is probably the most meaningful song on HW. It’s about how Niall is trying to become patient and he presents it interestingly. He says he goes down blazing to get his accomplishments and it’ll take him time but he knows he can do it. The rest of the song has good production. - Bammer73

Put a Little Love On Me Put a Little Love On Me Cover Art

This song can be used for a great ballad. I mean when you think about it apparently Niall is a great pianist himself who can use it in a well produced song and having nice lyrics to go along. - Bammer73

Bend The Rules Bend The Rules Cover Art

NOTE: This is where it moves from good tier (7/10) to decent tier (6/10).
This song has a great solo and otherwise great beat. The lyrics are mainly actually meaningful (about how one breaks the rules) but it kinda gets repetitive and a little annoying near the end. That’s all I can really say. - Bammer73

Still Still Cover Art

NOTE: This is where it moves from decent tier (6/10) to average tier (5/10). - Bammer73

Heartbreak Weather Heartbreak Weather Cover Art

This is of course the song that mainly leads the track as it's got the same name. And while the beat, it's amazing, I feel like the lyrics are kinda sexual "You take off your clothes" that's kind of a stalking alert. Also he sounds just kinda drunk in this song. - Bammer73

Cross Your Mind Cross Your Mind Cover Art

NOTE: This is where it moves from average tier (5/10) to mediocre tier (4/10).
Like most of the rest, amazing beat which is unfortunately wasted on the rest of the song. The lyrics are basically Niall saying breakup is an incorrect choice and he performs it in a way that does not make sense. The singing itself is average and the synth gets pretty annoying and repeats the same notes. Too bad that interrupts it. - Bammer73

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Black and White Black and White Cover Art
New Angel New Angel Cover Art
San Francisco San Francisco Cover Art
Small Talk Small Talk Cover Art
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