Best Songs From One Direction's Midnight Memories

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1 Story of My Life Story of My Life

There are no words to describe how amazing this song is.

It is great song

This song is amazing because it shows that fame won't make them forget who they are and where they are from. This also shows how important their families are to them. Most celebs wouldn't actually care to show where they are from or how much they love their families, I love how genuine they are!

Is my favorite song ever! - Dany333

2 Happily Happily

The different components of this song are brilliant and it is written really well. I'm not a huge fan of all of One Direction's cheesy crap (which is, sorry directioners, the majority if their songs) but this song I think is amazing.

This is an amazing song! Its got a great upbeat feel and Harry's counting in it is sexy :P its fab and underrated, any Harry lovers should definitely listen to it.

Amazing! Love it like HEll

Best song ever laugh out loud

3 You & I You & I

This song can relate to me and my relationship but I bet to a lot of other relationships and other people who are in love. This song really touches my heart and its one of my favorite songs out of the album.

I just love this one though best song ever and diana and midnight memories and happily are also good

I love this one my fave in the whole album the ultimate one as well

My favourite song ever... I love one direction... Go one direction

4 Best Song Ever

I love this song! This song may not be the BEST song ever but is REALLY good.

Have you seen the MV? It is do hilarious. you could really see the effort the lads put in it

The Who - Baba O'Riley - chevygolderado

This is the BEST SONG you guys.

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5 Strong

This song is catchy and emotional. I love the melodies, harmonies and simple but complicated lyrics. It was written by Louis, so it feels very real and it sounds like it reflects on real life events.

This is a amazing song

Oh I love this track the voices are awesome and the lyrics is great

Best in this album... !
Lyrics are awesome!

6 Midnight Memories

Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me - chevygolderado

Great song. Number 2 should be story of my life though

In love with this song... awesome lyrics

This song is so overrated because I hate it not love it and it's lyrics make no sense

7 Right Now

Love the louis solo

This should be no. 1


8 Little White Lies

The strong beginning stole my heart (no pun intended), and the lyrics are strong and when that beat drops I'm just so into it I literally start dancing!

The best of this album for sure, it's kinda dubstep but I liked

I really love this song "If this room was burnin'..."

Clearly the best - azziebbz

9 Diana

So inspirational and I absolutely am in LOVE with this song as soon as it got leaked in September!

It's so amazing diana let me be the to

Love 1d love diana - bubblegumboy37

10 Don't Forget Where You Belong

The lyrics, their voices and the music are just amazing. This one deserves to be on this list

This is a really deep song that's actually about the boys not the fans I love it and somehow think it really shows the strong bound between them love the lyrics❤️

It is so cute! It shows how grounded and down to earth One Direction are! I <3 them so much! So proud of them xox

Niall wrote this song for us to never forget home out of all there songs this is my faverite song becuase I love my home and I will never forget it

and I get emotional with that song because it remind my of them and the lyrics don't forget where u belong is like telling them to remember they are part of one direction and espesaly to zayn well yup zayn

Zayn please don't forget where u belong

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11 Through the Dark

I like this song from the first time listening

This song is s sweet and catchy! One of the best songs Liam and Louis wrote.

Oh my god! If this one is 13 then no. 12 doesn't exist.

12 Half a Heart

Such a nice sounding song with brilliant vocals!

I like this song... I hope this is the first one:(

I'm half a man without you :D

It's amazing and pure.

13 Better Than Words

This ones catchy. There are so many voice modulations and yeah especially niall "best I ever had... We're crazy" and liam's "one more time". I keep rewinding and re-rewinding it

I love this song! It's kinda happy and sadly at the same time!

Ah my love for this song, I just can't explain it... It's better than words

Better than words more than a felling.. Someone like you...

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14 Something Great

'Something Great' is literally something greater than great.

How is this not in the top 3! Is it touch to ask for Somethig Great!?!? :D

15 Alive

One of the best songs by One Direction

It is a lit of bit crazy in start

16 Little Black Dress

Its kind of cool! ♥

17 Why Don't We Go There
18 Does He Know?

Good but not the best^-^

When I listen to one direction my mood always lightens up <3

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