Songs That Other Artists Could Sing Well

Have you ever listened to a song, and thought, "So-and-so would have sang that song even better! " Well, these are my thoughts on which songs could be sang by another artist and would sound great.

The Top Ten

1 This Boy - Nirvana (Originally from the Beatles)

With Kurt Cobain's raspy voice, this song would sound great! True, he is no John Lennon, but it would still sound great! - Alpha101

2 Hotel California - Guns N Roses (Originally from the Eagles)

Axl Rose would make this song legendary! - Alpha101

3 American Idiot - Three Days Grace (Originally from Green Day)

While it would not be as good as the original, if TDG sang this song, I would guarantee that everyone's jaw would drop. - Alpha101

4 You Don't Know Me - The Beatles (Originally from Ben Folds)

I would do anything to hear John Lennon sing this! - Alpha101

5 Wake Me Up When September Ends - Skillet (Originally from Green Day)

While John Cooper would not make his version better than the original, it would still sound great! - Alpha101

6 Jailhouse Rock - Michael Jackson (Originally from Elvis Presley)

While Michael is no match for The King, he is a close second, and will make this song much more interesting. - Alpha101

7 Rockstar - Nirvana (Originally from Nickleback)

This is one of the two songs I like from Nickleback, and sense Nirvana's and Nickeback's lead singer sound very similar, I thought that this would be interesting to listen to. - Alpha101

8 All You Need Is Love - The Beach Boys (Originally from the Beatles)

Agreed. Their backing vocals would be even better. - PetSounds

The Beach Boys would sound great in this song! - Alpha101

9 Demons - We As Human (Originally from Imagine Dragons)

Although We As Human is better than Imagine Dragons, I'm not 100% sure if they could pull this off. But if they did, it would be WAY better than the original! - Alpha101

10 We Fall Apart - Ben Folds (Originally from We As Human)

What happens when you combine a masterpiece with another masterpiece? Art. You get art. - Alpha101

The Contenders

11 I Remember - Audrey Gallagher (Originally from deadmau5)

Deadmau5 made an awesome song here, but if he'd hired Audrey for her vocals, it would have been tremendous! - PositronWildhawk

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1. This Boy - Nirvana (Originally from the Beatles)
2. Hotel California - Guns N Roses (Originally from the Eagles)
3. American Idiot - Three Days Grace (Originally from Green Day)



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