Top Ten Best Songs from Owl City's Mobile Orchestra

Is there any musical project in the world better than Owl City? Obviously it's a rhetorical question.

The Top Ten

1 Thunderstruck

This is my favorite song from the album along with Unbelievable. The other songs were all right but not as good as those two. - RiverClanRocks

This is such a wonderful song. - keyson

2 Verge
3 Unbelievable

THis song is awesome!

No. This song was dissapointing. Owl City's lyrics were like he was trying to be someone he's not, which NEVER ends well. Catchy tune, but the lyrics ruined it. - AlGalaxy

4 Bird With a Broken Wing

I loved this song because it shows the new styles Adam has been trying recently but still retains his awe-inspiring lyrical masterpieces. A "bird with a broken wing" is a metaphor for being different from the rest and feeling like you'll never fit into the role you were meant to play. But when you realize just who you were really meant to be, you forget about fitting in. It's time for a different twist in the storyline. The upbeat track is sorrowful and dark yet still encouraging. I love it!

Very different music style from Adam's other songs, but the lyrics were the most of "Owl City-like" in this song.

This song is DEFINITELY the best. It's should be number one! - Juliajay

This should be higher - BrotherOfWolves001

5 This Isn't the End
6 I Found Love

I feel like this covers a topic that is barely mentioned in music. What it feels to die - Heyy7868

7 Can't Live Without You
8 You're Not Alone
9 My Everything

Best song in album Mobile Orchestra
2.My Everything
3.You're Not Alone


I disappoint for this song(underrated) in album Mobile OrchestrašŸ˜"...

#Must be in top 1

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