Top Songs From Pearl Jam's Ten


The Top Ten

1 Black

This song is so calm

One of the best songs ever written, the interaction between the lyrics and the melodies are the most emotional thing I've head in my life - fidelcanojr

This list looks randomized. Once in 4th? Jeremy before Black? Why go is awesome but not nearly as good as Porch.

The song is so personal, the lyrics ooze emotion at the seams and the melodical sound of the song is beautiful

2 Alive

Fantastic album until you see the list of songs to pick from you then realise how amazing this is Alive for me but could have been any

Probably the song that shows stone and mikes talent

After I listened to this song I was like I AM ALIVE! - rocker1796

3 Even Flow

Best of all time for pj! This song has it just over alive for its pace and intensity

4 Jeremy

Best Song ever

Best song of all time. Anywhere. Period. - Songsta41

The music video from this song put Pearl Jam on the map.

5 Once

I love it. Amazing as an album opener, totally gets your energy boosted for the songs to come. Fabulous

Awesome. should've been number 1
I love it
Great opener

6 Why Go

This one is the most agressive song of the record, the bass and drums line, and the guitar solo, are insane!

7 Garden

It's astounding that Garden is not on this list. It's at least in the top three off this album! Get past the first minute and it will blow your mind. - jMag220

Amazing chorus. It will get stuck in your head, but you actually are just fine with it being stuck in your head. It's amazing

8 Oceans

This song is very beautiful too bad it's under 3 minutes long I wish it was much longer.

The only song that isn't legendary on this album. - Songsta41

Very Cool - VideoGamefan5

9 Release

10 on this album it's my top ten favorite pearl jam song and porch is higher that song wasn't that good but its not horrible

10th here are 12th on pearl jam's overall list? That's not right. Eddie's voice is unreal in this song. - Songsta41

put the headphones on and swim in the beauty of this song - vwade8

10 Porch

This is my top 6th from the album

The Contenders

11 Deep

Fantastic song, but given the awesomeness of the rest of the album, I'm not surprised to find this so low. It's on my Top 50 Songs of All Time yet somehow it manages to be my 8th favorite song from this album. - Songsta41

Pure grunge. Doesn't deserve to be at the bottom of the list at all.

12 State of Love and Trust

I voted for this because I wish it was on ten laugh out loud.

State. And love and trust is not on ten

13 Master/Slave
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