Top 10 Best Songs On Primal Fear's Seven Seals

Primal Fear is one of the best German heavy metal bands - heavy metal, speed metal and power metal. Seven Seals is their sixth studio album, released in 2005.

Ralf Scheepers - lead vocals
Mat Sinner - bass, backing vocals, primary songwriting
Stefan Leibing - guitars, keyboards
Tom Naumann - guitars
Randy Black - drums

The Top Ten

1 All for One

The two riffs and the mini-drum solo just before the guitar solo are awesome. I'm not sure how to call it - a mini-drum solo or extended drum fill but whatever it is, it's amazing. This is the most unexpected part of this song and I have nothing but admiration for Randy Black. He knows how to make drums a beautiful leading instrument.
Vox and guitars are great, too, but these elements are expected from Primal Fear. - Metal_Treasure

2 Diabolus

A flawless epic song. - Metal_Treasure

3 Demons and Angels
4 The Immortal Ones
5 Question of Honour
6 Evil Spell

Cool experiment - thrash beats on a non-thrash song. I like it. - Metal_Treasure

7 The Union
8 In Memory
9 Carniwar
10 Seven Seals

The Contenders

11 Rollercoaster
12 Higher Power
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1. Question of Honour
2. All for One
3. In Memory
1. All for One
2. Diabolus
3. Demons and Angels



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