The Top 10 Best Songs on Queens of the Stone Age's "Villains"


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1 Villains of Circumstance Villains of Circumstance

After carefully listening to every track on this album, I realized that "Villains of Circumstance" is the only purely amazing composition in a melodic sense. Every other track fails in comparison baring in mind lyrics play no role here and that the melody behind this song alone penetrates the remainder of this otherwise mediocre album and is strongly reminiscent of the better Queens of the Stone Age tracks from prior installments. This track holds a powerful significance both in the compelling melody, which transcends the remainder for musical climax, whilst holding a defining background tone that smashes the very context of this album. This is the definitive song on the otherwise forgettable slew offered on "Villains." It encompasses a dark crescendo unlike any other yet mesmerizingly grabs hold of every note in the composition in a reflection of what Queens of the Stone Age is all about; Best song on this album hands down.

1. Villains of Circumstance
2. Domesticated Animals
3. The Way You Used To Do
4. Feet Don't Fail Me
5. Un-Reborn Again
6. Hideaway
7. Head Like a Haunted House
8. The Evil Has Landed
9. Fortress

1. Villains of Circumstance
2. The Evil Has Landed
3. Fert Don't Fail Me
4. Domesticated Animals
5. Fortress
6. Un-Reborn Again
7. Head Like a Haunted House
8. The Way You Used To Do
9. Hideaway - BekoT.

2 The Way You Used to Do

Very swing and blues dance style revisited here and it's got a nice oldies feel but with enormous new effects and high quality sound! Great track overall although not as amazing as "villains of circumstance" it holds its own place on the album as a whole.

This is the best along with Un-Reborn Again and Feet Don't Fail Me

3 Domesticated Animals Domesticated Animals

"Domesticated Animals" as a melodic track and happened to have the absolute best intro and most impactful systematic rhythm throughout. The intro alone was so amazing as a build-up from the previous track and that amazing crash perfectly delves into the track and delivers a feeling unlike any other. It is more than likely the second-best track on the album, second only to the greatness that is "Villains of Circumstance."

4 The Evil Has Landed The Evil Has Landed




No no. This list should be:

1.) Evil has landed
2.) head like a haunted house
3.) feet don’t fail me
4.) fortress
5.) hideaway
6.) way you used to do
7.) villains of circumstance
8.) Domesticated animals
9.) un-reborn again

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5 Feet, Don't Fail Me Feet, Don't Fail Me
6 Un-Reborn Again Un-Reborn Again
7 Head Like a Haunted House Head Like a Haunted House

Evil has landed was number one already, so I voted this. When I first listened to villains, every song SUCKED besides this. Amazing song. It was awesome to see this song live at philly! First time live!

8 Hideaway Hideaway
9 Fortress Fortress
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