Top Ten Songs from Shinedown's "Threat to Survival"


The Top Ten

1 Cut the Cord

I KNEW this would be first! My brothers are always playing it. So this vote is for them. And I kind of like it too. - Britgirl

2 Asking for It
3 Black Cadillac

Great drums and overall sound

Just absolute perfection from start to end. I loved the beat drops! :-)

4 State of My Head

I love songs about determination

This is my current ear worm. - thomwim

Pretty much the only pop song I like. Truly beautiful!

love it

5 How Did You Love?

At least top 3, along with Cut The Cord and Asking For It - MattCozadd

This should be number 2 at the least!


6 Outcast
7 It All Adds Up
8 Dangerous
9 Misfits
10 Oblivion

The Contenders

11 Thick As Thieves

Henna song I just see a lot of me in it as far as the loyalty towards your friends your family and the people that look out for you

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1. Cut the Cord
2. Asking for It
3. Black Cadillac
1. Cut the Cord
2. How Did You Love?
3. State of My Head
1. Asking for It
2. State of My Head
3. Dangerous


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