Top 10 Songs Sung by Joe Lynn Turner

Joe Lynn Turner is a rock and metal singer, lyricist, guitarist and songwriter from New Jersey. He's one of the most underrated rock and metal singers ever.

The Top Ten Songs Sung by Joe Lynn Turner

Can't Let You Go - Rainbow

This is a great song and Joe Lynn Turner nailed it. His godly voice shines especially in the chorus when he sings that high, long and beautiful "I". This note is golden. Maybe his perfect vocal is one of the reasons this amazing song doesn't have cover versions. - Metal_Treasure

Death Alley Driver - Rainbow
Dreaming - Yngwie

One of the most beautiful ballads out there. Joe Lynn Turner has one of the most pleasant tones in rock music. Besides, his vocal skills were good enough to meet the extremely high expectations of Ritchie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen. - Metal_Treasure

King of Dreams - Deep Purple
Rising Force - Yngwie

Joe Lynn Turner has sung Yngwie's signature song although this song isn't vocal oriented and there's no much room for his vocals to shine. But this list is about the best songs he has sung and not about his best vocal performances. - Metal_Treasure

The Cut Runs Deep - Deep Purple
The Watchmakers' Dream - Avantasia

This album came out in 2013 and Joe Lynn Turner was 62 but he still sounded amazing even in a duet with the way younger vocal beast Tobias Sammet. - Metal_Treasure

I Surrender - Rainbow

My understanding is that this is the song that landed him the gig with Rainbow. From the first word, Joe's power, intonation, emotion and control shine through.

Midtown Tunnel Vision - Rainbow

A slower and darker song, which isn't a ballad. Joe Lynn Turner shows some cool shallow growls. - Metal_Treasure

Fortuneteller - Deep Purple

One of his best vocal performances. A very special song. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

Power - Rainbow
Stranded - Rainbow
Love Conquers All - Deep Purple
Satisfy Me - Joe Lynn Turner
Jealous Lover - Rainbow
Blood Red Sky - Joe Lynn Turner

The song sample is some live version and not the original - Metal_Treasure

This song is from his solo career and came out in 2010. The song is a bit poppy to my taste but still cool in it’s own right (great to sing along to).
I included it because Joe Lynn Turner was 60 and his voice was still there - powerful and beautiful. Many singers, even in their prime, can only dream of sounding like him here. - Metal_Treasure

Off the Hook - Joe Lynn Turner
Let’s Go - Joe Lynn Turner
Nothing Else Matters - Joe Lynn Turner

Believe it or not, this is the best cover version of Metallica's classic in terms of vocals. I was pleasantly surprised because James Hetfield's voice is lower (baritone), whereas Joe is a tenor but Joe's wide range and huge vocal experience made up for it. - Metal_Treasure

Eyes of Love - Joe Lynn Turner

Joe's skill really shows on this cut. Listen to how he shifts the energy and adds the power between the first and second verses. His two-part harmony on the third verse is nice as well. Chorus is classic Joe!

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