Best Songs On Trivium's Vengeance Falls

Best songs on the sixth studio album by Trivium, called Vengeance Falls.

Vengeance Falls was produced by David Draiman of Disturbed and Device, who also gave inputs and advice to the band. Vengeance Falls is the sixth studio album by the band, Ember To Inferno being their first studio album release, Ascendancy second, The Crusade third, Shogun fourth, and In Waves fifth.

The Top Ten

1 Strife Strife

Dude I think you cheated in making this list too early. Not cool

2 No Way to Heal No Way to Heal

Fantastic album. No Way To Heal is a special highlight. One of the leading songs along with Strife - EvilAngel

3 Vengeance Falls Vengeance Falls
4 Brave This Storm Brave This Storm

This song is great! I can tell that David influenced Heafy's vocals, but its still great. Just one thing. How can you make a list about an album that isn't even out yet? We've only heard one song and we've got one more coming! Laugh out loud - MetalFoREVer1228

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5 At the End of This War At the End of This War

This song has to be it. Best chorus, fast and aggressive verse, and the best breakdown on the album period. Unbelievable that the title track is number 1.

6 Through Blood and Dirt and Bone Through Blood and Dirt and Bone

This song kicks at least strife off the list every day of the week

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7 Incineration: The Broken World Incineration: The Broken World

Heaviest song on the album, and also evokes the most emotion. It's ugly one moment, and beautiful the next.

And crossing to the Broken World! This is awesome! - DesL42

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8 To Believe To Believe

By far the best track on the album. Its infectious. To bad the first 5 tracks are good and the rest of the album is a let down.

9 Wake (The End Is Nigh) Wake (The End Is Nigh)

The intro on this song is insane

10 As I Am Exploding As I Am Exploding

Actually the best song on this record. Great core vocals, huge chorus and amazing guitar work

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The Contenders

11 Villainy Thrives Villainy Thrives

Hard to pick, definitely drinking this album's kool-aid.

12 No Hope for the Human Race No Hope for the Human Race
13 Skulls... We Are 138 Skulls... We Are 138
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1. No Way to Heal
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1. Strife
2. At the End of This War
3. No Hope for the Human Race
1. Strife
2. No Way to Heal
3. To Believe

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