Best Songs From Twenty One Pilots’ Blurryface and Trench

The best Songs from Twenty One Pilots’ 4th and 5th albums.

The Top Ten

1 Nico And The Niners

Incredible song

2 Jumpsuit
3 Stressed Out
4 Heavydirtysoul
5 Ride
6 Tear In My Heart
7 Chlorine
8 Levitate
9 My Blood
10 Bandito

The Contenders

11 Lane Boy

Best songs by them. The drums are amazing and that synth at the end is incredibly haunting as well as calming to listen to

12 Message Man

It’s one of my favourites (tied with Holding on to you) - the instrumental is brilliant, the lyrics are brilliant, IT’S JUST BRILLIANT. I’m obsessed with the sound before the chorus, and I always enjoy trying to rap the rap part.
‘These lyrics aren’t for everyone, only few understand.’

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