Top Ten Best Songs from Twenty One Pilots' Blurryface


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1 Heavydirtysoul

The clearest best

That distorted sound at the beginning attracted me... and then came the epic rap beat and the haunting, yet beautiful lyrics, leading to the chorus and everything else, including the awesome ending (which features another distorted noise that's a bit different than the one in the beginning)! THIS IS THE BEST TOP SONG EVER! It's a must-have!

Best rap a human being has ever attempted - and succeeded at - JoshHarmer25

Why is this #1? I mean Heavydirtysoul is a good song, I like it a lot, but there are some other songs on Blurryface that are just better. (Tear in my Heart and Message Man for example)(At least Tear in my Heart is #2)(Hopefully that will change)

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2 Tear In My Heart

Fave song by them not impressed that HeavyDirtySoul is #1

This is honestly one of my favorite songs by them in general. I really love how it starts out a bit happy for a song of theirs (not saying their usual song style is bad, far from it), I usually like songs like these. They start out nice and a bit jumpy, then slow down and suddenly boom! The meaning of this song is also nice too! It's also very catchy and cute! - trash

I LOVE this song! This is my favorite along with Message Man (which is SO underrated).

What a tune! Amazing and emotional. Listened to it 30 times in the past 2 days. I think that's a good sign.

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3 Ride

"I'd die for you, " that's easy to say
We have a list of people that we would take
A bullet for them, a bullet for you
A bullet for everybody in this room
But I don't seem to see many bullets coming through
See many bullets coming through
Metaphorically, I'm the man
But literally, I don't know what I'd do
"I'd live for you, " and that's hard to do
Even harder to say when you know it's not true
Even harder to write when you know that tonight
There were people back home who tried talking to you
But then you ignored them still
All these questions they're for real like
Who would you live for?
Who would you die for?
And would you ever kill? "

The lyrics to this song are so beautiful...I can relate so much and Tyler's voice and Josh's drumming are absolutely perfect!

Easily the best song of this album and possibly of all of their songs

Take it number 1.

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4 Stressed Out

Car radio should be number one


I love Stressed Out for being so relatable, catchy, and real! I think it should pass up Tear In My Heart on this list.

My names Blurryface and I care what you think

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5 The Judge

This song is amazing! I love it so much. First of all it's easy to cover and also a good song to show off your voice. If you don't like at least this song, Lane Boy, Tear In My Heart, or Ride, you are not a true twenty one pilots fan.

This is definitely my personal favourite from the album. It just has so much of their vibes from previous albums but still is fresh and new!

I'm SO surprised this isn't higher on the list. When I first listened to the album, I thought this was a pretty clear stand-out. Its got those Vessel B-side vibes that I just adore. Why it's so low is beyond me...

I love this song immensely and I think it should be way higher, lets be real. Gives me those Vessel vibes + newish Blurryface mixed together. Maybe my favourite song by TOP!

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6 Goner


This song has a lot of meaning to me. I think the best part of the whole song is how emotional and beautifully loud it can be. Tear in my Heart and Goner are definitely my two favorite songs by them so far. A lot of Twenty One Pilots connect to me and are truly meaningful. This song makes me want to cry because of how loud and heart clutching it can be... Truly a beautiful piece of music. - trash

This song makes me shiver and get chills. The music is absolutely beautiful and Tyler's voice is so soothing. It's an emotional song for me and it's most likely the best song on Blurryface. When Tyler screams, you can feel the emotion in his voice and it makes Goner even better. Absolutely lovely.

This song is not the best Twenty One Pilots song ever, the vast majority of those reside on the Vessel album. But its defiantly the best on Blurry Face. The gradual crescendo to the scream and finish is just beautiful.

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7 Hometown

This song is sooo underrated but it's such a good song. If you jabwnt listened to it yet, go listen!

This song is so underrated. It has to be one of the best the band has ever sang.

I swear this has got to be the band's most underrated song! - DrewtheGamer98

Highly underrated. The lyrics are wonderful and his Tyler's vocals are better than usual in my opinion - TheWiseOne

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8 Lane Boy

Although Blurryface is my least favourite album from twenty one pilots, there are a few decent tracks. Lane Boy is just so nice to listen to. It has the best beat (in my opinion) and the lyrics are good. Josh's drumming is INCREDIBLE and this song is ICONIC performed live! - Carlss

This is the best song ever. Is it? Halsey might be better...ANYWAY This is what got me to love 21 Pilots like I do today. It was my first song by them & to this day, the amazing Lane Boy is my favorite.

Don't trust a person who's perfect and don't trust a song that's flawless. They have to be the most iconic lyrics in this song

I don't understand why this isn't in first place as it perfectly describes the music industry with a perfect mix of bass and drums this song deserves better than 9

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9 Fairly Local

Such a big adrenaline-fueled song (you could say it is fueled by Ramen ☺)
no but seriously it is awesomely dramatic

I'm fairly local! I've been around! I see the streets! You're walking down! I love this song so much. It's been on the radio, even though it said it would never be, but it's too good to be on the radio. 11/10!

I listen to this song so much, lets just say I'm fairly local with it.

This song is so underrated! It is one of the best songs they have ever made!

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10 Doubt

How is this #10? By far my favorite twenty one pilots song EVER! it's so catchy and the bass is literally amazing. the beginning is probably one of the best parts, along with "don't forget a-bou-bou-bou-bou-bout me"

Doubt is a fantastic song off the album, I'm surprised it's not in the top 5 at least from it's meaning and great best.

This beat is amazing I think this should be in the top 5.

This needs to be higher. A song talking to God deserves much more than #8. - WonkeyDude98

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11 Not Today

At First, this wasn't my favorite song. In fact, it probably was the most forgettable song off of Blurryface for me. Then I listened to it more. And more. And then I started to love it. But it wasn't quite my favorite. I still liked songs like Fairly Local and HeavyDirtySoul more. Then a month passed without listening to it. Then, I finally listened to it again. It just sounded more awesome every time I heard it. So now it's my favorite. - JamesBourne

I love the discrepancy between the lyrics and the melody. I can completely relate to him when he says "This represents wait, better yet, it is, who I feel I am right now"

Best song on Blurryface tied with Doubt. Had to choose this because it was lower down.

Why is this way down here this I by far the best song on this album come on guys

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12 Polarize

So good I listen to this 24/7


This is actually my favourite song, like, not just in blurryface, but just in general, I have no idea why it didn't even make the top 10

Very underrated. It has an amazing beat, great lyrics, and one of my favorites from Blurryface.

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13 We Don't Believe What's On TV


Good song

This one is the best! Why is it last?!?!?

We don't believe that this song is 14th because that's what we don't want to see!

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14 Message Man

This song is so powerful but also super catchy

Too low like how is this number 14 D:

Such a good song!

My two favorites at the way bottom

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15 House of Gold


I love how when you go on any list on the top tens you know there's gonna be a choice like this haha - thatguy32

Lol this one isn't on blurryface

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17 Car Radio UListen to Sample
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