Top Ten Songs from Tyler, the Creator's Flower Boy


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1 911 / Mr. Lonely

This is the best song ever I can listen to this again and again even for years this shoukd be in top 3

Firstly, the beats both perfectly convey the mood of the track, but still sound good. The bars kick, Tyler is open, and the flow is good.

See You Again is understandably first for its mainstream sound, and Boredom is ahead for it's grandiosity, but I don't how Foreword is ahead. Neither its beat nor flow is as good as 911/Mr. Lonely, and Tyler is not as open. Sure it's a good song with good lyricism, but is not better than this song.

2 See You Again

Definitely the best song on Flower Boy. This song really represents the themes of the album in its entirety- loneliness and love. The way Tyler aches for someone, aches to be with that person is so well musically communicated. Kali’s songbird vocals add a melancholy sweetness to it that is seriously unparalleled. Best song lmfao ya

3 Foreword
4 Where This Flower Blooms

Just amazing

5 Boredom
6 Who Dat Boy?
7 Garden Shed

Amazing song great production and it's so beutiful and a great come out track

8 I Ain't Got Time
9 Enjoy Right Now, Today
10 Sometimes...

The Contenders

11 Pothole
12 November

I think this song is literally incredible. From the really catchy beat to the very contemplative lyrics, I think that this song is maybe top 5 songs he's ever made

13 Glitter
14 Droppin' Seeds
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1. 911 / Mr. Lonely
2. Enjoy Right Now, Today
3. See You Again
1. 911 / Mr. Lonely
2. Boredom
3. Who Dat Boy?
1. Boredom
2. 911 / Mr. Lonely
3. Where This Flower Blooms

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