Songs With the Best Chester Bennington Screams

The Top Ten Songs With the Best Chester Bennington Screams

1 Given Up

It may not be the longest or most powerful scream, but the 17 second scream definitely deserves first place. - 3DG20

This is crazy. 17-18 second scream, what the hell beats that? By Myself does have good Chester screams, but Given Up deserves to be #1.

17 second scream, how can you top that?

2 By Myself
3 A Place for My Head

You, trying to take the best of me, Go AWAYY!

4 One Step Closer

Shut up when I am talking to you
Tells everything

5 Figure.09
6 Hit the Floor
7 No More Sorrow
8 Faint
9 Lost In the Echo
10 Numb

He’s not really screaming. - 3DG20

The Contenders

11 Runaway
12 Victimized

The best of him probably.

13 Blackout
14 Keys to the Kingdom
15 Mark the Graves

Tune doesn't match his screams..���' - gaj2394

16 Qwerty
17 Wish
18 Forgotten

You bring the thought back, I see it right through you. - gaj2394

19 Lying from You
20 Condemned
21 Inside of Me
22 My Suffering
23 The Catalyst
24 Morning After
25 Crawl Back In
26 End of the World
27 Walking in Circles
28 Cry Cry
29 Out of Time
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