Top Ten Songs with the Best Music Videos by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez has made a music video for almost all of her songs.

The Top Ten

1 Milk and Cookies

I love how it follows on from Tag You're It. - Catlover2004

2 Carousel

This was the first song I ever heard by her. - Catlover2004

3 Alphabet Boy

I love how all her songs/videos have childish themes but with deeper meanings. - Catlover2004

4 Dollhouse

Apparently, this is her most popular song. - Catlover2004

5 Tag, You're It

At first, I didn't realize that Milk and Cookies is like a sequel to this.🍼πŸͺ - Catlover2004

6 Pity Party

Melanie's hair looked really nice in this video. - Catlover2004

7 Crybaby

I love it when the toys all come to life. - Catlover2004

8 Mrs. Potato Head

That creepy rabbit shows up in a few of her music videos.🐰 - Catlover2004

9 Mad Hatter

Guys and girls the music video is released now check it out it's awesome - RoseCandyMusic

This one is good

10 Training Wheels

Weird but still good. - Catlover2004

The Contenders

11 Soap

Come on,this is so creative! - PugsfromMoon

Her hair looked great in this one too.πŸ’‡ - Catlover2004

12 Sippy Cup
13 Pacify Her

How is this not on the list? Hands down, best music video.

How is this last place...obvious best one in my opinion...I love the character's acting, their designs, hair, and set. - whattheheckamidoing

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