Top Ten Songs With Weird Lyrics That We Love

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41 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

Nobody likes the lyrics of this song.

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42 Timothy - The Buoys

Three men are trapped in a mine cave in.
Two of them kill and eat their friend to survive.

43 I-E-A-I-A-I-O - System of a Down

Mine delusions acquainted,
Bubbles erotica,
Plutonium wedding rings,
Icicles stretching,
Bicycles, shoestrings,
One flag, flaggy but one,
Painting the paintings of the alive!

44 Somebody Told Me - The Killers

Somebody told me. You had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year. Sounds weird to me.

45 Orange Crush - R.E.M.
46 Fireflies - Owl City

This song is awesome, melodic and sweet - Ananya

I have heard this song WAY too many times...

47 Anyone for Tennis - Cream
48 Bust a Move - Young MC V 1 Comment
49 Idioteque - Radiohead

"Ice age coming, ice age coming. Take the money and run, take the money and run, take the money" Very odd but amazing song.

50 Tommy the Cat - Primus

And I say unto the this song makes me smile to the point of sore jaw muscles

51 Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
52 Singapore - Tom Waits
53 Incense and Peppermints - Strawberry Alarm Clock
54 The Riddle - Nik Kershaw
55 Blinded by the Light - Manfred Mann Band

Okay. Love the song but the lyrics make no sense.

56 Freakshow On the Dance Floor - The Bar-kays
57 50 Ways to Say Goodbye - Train

If you've heard this song and are obsessed with it like I am, this one is pretty self-explanatory. He talks about how his girlfriend dies! - RockFashionista

58 Girlfriend - Peter McConnell
59 Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap

This should be in the top 20 at least

60 Psychosocial - Slipknot
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