Awful Animation #12) Stanley's Cup (South Park)

Puga I'm not doing FoodFight. It's too much work and there's nothing new to say. Nonetheless, yay, a dud! I like South Park. I really do. I watched the first nine or so episodes and they were great. It isn't what it used to be but it's certainly still one of the best adult cartoons to this day. But like every show in existence, it had a hiccup. And this is one of the worst hiccups ever. This episode has two of the worst minutes in animation history. What're we waiting for? The episode starts with Stan delivering papers to some guy, when the discussion leads to Stan's bike. The guy notices that Stan's bike is getting towed away for some reason. Stan goes to some guy whose name I don't know. I'm just gonna call him "Record Guy" because, well, he carries a record player everywhere and plays it when Stan has a tough deduction to make, in an ironic fashion. It's a solid joke, but it's the ending that kills this episode. Anyway, Record Guy tells Stan to manage the South Park peewee hockey team. On his first day, the kids introduce themselves. Stan tells some kid called Nelson to play goalie, but he can't. Why? Because he has Cancer. That escalated quickly. When Stan goes home his parents tell him that they've been worried sick. Stan tells them about his new job and Randy is not pleased. He keeps telling Sharon that he's only coaching the team to make up for what he did years ago. What exactly did he do? He missed an open goal with five seconds left, and apperantley it's scarred Randy for life. Kids still have a brain, whether they're playing hockey or not. Even though Stan was a four year old on ice, he should still be able to walk and hit a puck twice. This episode is really underestimating toddlers. I know that the jokes in a show like this doesn't need to make sense with its jokes but logic still needs to exist. It's not like you can't use logic just because you're South Park.

At practice the next day Nelson appears to be missing. Then Nelson's parents show up saying that Nelson has a 99% chance of laying. The parents cant tell him he's about to die so they ask Stan to because he's apparently Nelson's inspiration. Stan does so, and the two talk. Right before Stan leaves, Nelson asks for one favour. For the team to win that night. Stan agrees and when he walks out, Record Guy gag. At the game that night nothing happens. The puck is placed down and the kids fall over the place. FOR THREE F**KNG HOURS. The game ends a tie, and Stan is unsure what that means for Nelson. Stan revisits Nelson and out of nowhere the plot comes along. The peewees are invited to play the Denver Red Wings.It's now or never, so Stan obviously accepts. The other kids are pissed off. They don't want to play because they'll get trashed. But the show must go on, eh? And of course, the game is at the Pepsi Centre which happens to be where Stan missed that shot. The team needs a new "star player"(or as one of the kids says "a Canadian" in one of the episodes best jokes) so they get Ike.Oh and you know what this whole new game plot thing means? The first game was COMPLETELY POINTLESS.

At the end of the second period, the "pro" teams are drawing 2-2. Before the third period there will be some exhibition play from the peewees. However, Stan's opponents didn't show up. Stan won't accept it and keeps ranting about all he's been through to get here. The Colorado Avalanches hear this, Record Guy gag and the peewees are playing the "pro" Denver Redwings. There's either two ways this can go: ignoring all probability and logic, the peewees win with a last minute goal. Or the peewees get the living s**t get beaten out of them. It's South Park, so of course it's the latter! The kids are trampled on, stomped on, get their teeth knocked out, get black eyes and have books pour out everywhere in all it's grotesque and gory fashion. Is the ref asleep? Oh wait, this is what all hockey games are like, Hardee har har! Anyway, the Red Wings win 33-2, We Are The Champions plays in the background (how sick is this episodes guts?), no consequences anywhere because hockey, Hardee har har! And the episode ends with Nelson dying. Fan-f**king-tastic. There are positives from this episode, like it's pacing, but the ending thinks it can work just because Soutj Park. In what parallel universe is this considered logical or entertaining. If you think that ending is acceptable, you are a monster .
Annoyance: 2/10 Awful Audio: 6/10 Boringness: 2/10 Confusion: 0/10 Disturbance: 10/10 Envious Ending: 10/10 Flanderization: 0/10 Gaping Plot Holes: 3/10 Ludacris Low-Budget: 0/10 Mauling Morals: 8/10
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This is the worst South Park episode, the best is Fun Times with Weapons. Let's fighting love, let's fighting love! - Skullkid755

I kinda actually feel sorry for him lol - TwilightKitsune

It’s not the Denver Red Wings.
It’s the Detroit Red Wings - visitor