Top 10 Spanish Food Dishes


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1 Jamon Iberico Jamon Iberico

Jamón is pork cured ham, salted and hung up to dry, that has 2 varieties: Jamón Iberico (pictured) - it comes from black pigs and is more expensive. This is a delicacy. The more common variety comes from white pigs. Both varieties should be enjoyed in very thin slices with a little bread. - Metal_Treasure

2 Churros Churros

I love churros, especially when they’re warm. - IceFoxPlayz

It is a fried-dough pastry, with sugar often sprinkled on top. They can be dipped in hot chocolate. - Metal_Treasure

I'm Spanish and I can assure you Churros is the best option.

3 Tortilla española Tortilla española

It is an omelette made with eggs and potatoes (aka tortilla de patatas or tortilla de papas; or Spanish omelette in EN). It's considered a national dish. - Metal_Treasure

4 Seafood Paella Seafood Paella

A traditional dish of the Valencian Community of Spain that comes in two varieties: Paella Valenciana (with rabbit and chicken) and seafood paella.

It's always served at lunchtime. And rice is always with saffron. - Metal_Treasure

5 Pimientos de Padron Pimientos de Padron

Pimientos de Padron are fried green peppers. Padrón peppers are a variety of peppers from the municipality of Padrón in Galicia. - Metal_Treasure

6 Patatas bravas Patatas bravas

It translates to "brave potatoes" and was named for its spicy sauce. The potatoes are cubed and shallow fried, and served with different sauces - spicy ketchup, garlic mayonnaise with a dusting of pimiento (smoked paprika), or both. - Metal_Treasure

7 Paella Valenciana Paella Valenciana

Paella with rabbit and chicken. - Metal_Treasure

8 Croquetas

Croquetas are tubes of bechamel sauce encased in fried breadcrumbs - Metal_Treasure

9 Gazpacho

It's a tomato-based Andalusian cold soup - Metal_Treasure

10 Leche frita

Leche frita means fried milk and is a dessert made by whipping up milk, egg yolks and flour. This is left to chill and solidify, then gets coated in breadcrumbs and fried. It can be served hot or cold. - Metal_Treasure

Soy español y la leche frita es lo mejor.

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11 Albondigas

Albondigas are meatballs in tomato sauce - Metal_Treasure

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