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Speed metal is different from thrash and other fast metal subgenres (so NO thrash, death, black metal, etc.). Speed metal is very close to Power metal but speed metal songs are faster, heavier and more technical than your typical power metal songs. Speed metal songs are really fast songs with CLEAN MELODIC vocals, usually combined with fast, technical and/or extended instrumental sections (mostly guitar solos).


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21 Painkiller - Judas Priest

Great song but NOT speed metal. Yeah, it's fast but it's not speed metal. As I said in the list description, not every fast song is speed metal. - Metal_Treasure

Metal Meltdown is speed metal, but it's not. - somekindofaguy

22 Washed Out - Savatage

Early 80s speed metal - love this song, love this band. - Metal_Treasure

23 I Speed at Night - Dio
24 Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest
25 Demons and Angels - Primal Fear
26 Mirror of Fate - Paragon

Love this song - it pumps me up. - Metal_Treasure

27 Revenge - Paragon
28 Eagle Fly Free - Helloween

I didn't add this song - it's a very good metal song but it's not speed metal, it's not even very fast. - Metal_Treasure

29 Wolf Gang - Striker
30 Journey Through the Dark - Blind Guardian
31 Bushpig - Anvil

The drum intro is wild and long. - Metal_Treasure

32 Rock the Night - Monument
33 Fury of the Storm - Dragonforce
34 Guardian of the Blind - Blind Guardian
35 Lightyears from Home - Primal Fear
36 Fireball - Deep Purple

This was one of the first speed metal songs ever (the other 'first' speed metal songs were also written by Deep Purple - ex. Hard Lovin' Man, 1970). 'Fireball' stands out because it was the first metal song with double bass drumming (in 1971, wow!). Ian Paice was such an advanced drummer!
Robb Reiner of speed metal band Anvil called Fireball 'early speed metal' (Highway Star, too).
Even though 'Highway Star' is a better song, 'Fireball' was insane for 1971, too.
Honestly, I think that Hard Lovin' Man is an awesome song - pure speed metal from 1970. - Metal_Treasure

37 Man on a Mission - Gamma Ray
38 Empires Fall - Paragon
39 And There Was Silence - Primal Fear
40 Ace of Spades - Motorhead

Not speed metal, not even very much metal but if it's necessary to classify it as metal then it's fast paced heavy metal, but no way it's speed metal. - somekindofaguy

Don't take me wrong here - I like this song but Motorhead are NOT metal, never been. Lemmy himself stated that in 2011:
"We were not heavy metal. We were a rock'n'roll band. Still are. Everyone always describes us as heavy metal even when I tell them otherwise. Why won't people listen?" (you can read it in the wiki article about Motorhead)

Provided that Motorhead are not a metal band, I'm not sure this song is speed metal - yes, it's fast but it doesn't mean it's speed metal and shouldn't be on this list. As I said in the heading - not every fast song is speed metal. - Metal_Treasure

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