Top 10 Most Annoying Things that Happen in Sports

Playing sports is more than just having fun. You’ve got to work hard, play hard, and also learn how to be respectful for your opponents.

So here are some of the most annoying things that happen when you’re playing sports.
The Top Ten
1 People diving for a free

Don't even get me started on this. People who milk frees are the most annoying types of sports players, and it's just not fair when you're on the receiving end of it. Most people who dive for free kicks tend to get booed by opposition fans, and rightly so.
It's not brave, it just shows that you're a coward who wants to cheat in order to win.

2 Getting hit in the face with a ball

Getting hit in the face by a ball happens way too frequently, and it hurts so much and almost feels like getting punched in the face, because of the ball flying towards you at full-speed.

Right between my head and my neck during middle school
Right in the face in the same period

But there's more, because I've been hit in the face by one of my classmates running across me too. Two times

Got hit in the boobs multiple times when I was doing tennis. Not a fun feeling.

3 Winning every stat, but not on the scoreboard

Sometimes you lose/draw a game, but deep down you deserve the win. You've dominated the whole game, and you feel that you should be rewarded for effort. The only thing you didn't dominate was the scoreboard, which is the "stat" that matters most. I'm sure most sports teams can relate to this.

4 Having lousy teammates

Look, people learn from their mistakes, I get it. But when people annoyingly make the same kind of mistakes over and over again, that can get quite annoying.
If one of your players are lousy, it's always best to encourage them or train them more, which will probably help them perform better.

As a lousy sports person, this is why I only do swimming and parkour.

5 Having nasty opponents

A common mental skill needed for sports is sports-mans ship. Opponents who lack that sort of trait are always going to give you a rough time, whether it be spitting, constant pushing-and-shoving, and being responsible for another players injury.
It's just a game, you don't need to get so aggressive and fierce about it.

6 People not calling for the ball

You're in a good position for me to pass it to, why not call for the ball so I can see who to pass it to?
People who don't call for the ball are always the types of players who ruin good chance to score.

7 Getting stuck on the bench

There's a reason why you joined this team. You want to go out there, have fun, and make the most of it. Not sit down on a cold bench waiting to come on for the whole game. You're essentially missing out on all of the fun, and that's because of your coach.

8 Having lousy umpires

Umpires/refs are the sort of people who are in charge of sports games, and it's their responsibility to make sure that the game is being umpires fairly and equally. But when umpires miss calls, give soft frees, or even show favouritism towards the other team, then that's a huge problem. The opposition technically has more players on the field because the umpiring is really one-sided.

Bad officiating is the most annoying thing to me in any sport.

9 Teammates daydreaming

What's worse than having a teammate who isn't at all good at the game? A teammate who daydreams and shows no awareness of what's going on. At least lousy teammates actually care, ones who daydream just probably want the game to finish. If it's a goalkeeper in soccer, that would be the worst.
Seriously, stop daydreaming about unnecessary things and get your eyes back into the game! It's important to stay focussed.

10 Getting injured

It always sucks when you favorite athlete gets injured, you won't be able to see him perform for months.

The Contenders
11 Winning MVP but not winning the ring
12 People doing over the top celebrating while still losing badly

This reminds me of a FIFA glitch where the crowd would go nuts after kicking a consolation goal.

Annoys the hell out of me. Teammates and coaches should "check" these idiots.

13 No one passing you the ball

In school, that happens all the time to me. I remember when the gym teacher kept telling everybody to pass to me, and they never did. They're just doubters that don't think I'm good. It's their fault that I have never proved them.

If you're offside I guess that's a good enough reason, but you could be on-side and in a great position.

14 Having pitch invaders

Luckily, this rarely happens, but pitch invaders are what could prove costly when you have possession of the ball. These annoying little rascals will also make you lose all the momentum you have when you're coming forward.
They may be pretty funny at times, but they're obnoxious when it comes to ruining momentum.

There's a reason why sports have boundaries.

15 Jamming a finger
16 Getting sent off for slapping someone's head
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